Saturday, August 20, 2005


Today I spoke with my now long-distance critique partner and explained the story I've been bantering around in my head and on paper without having it actually take off. She asked me one question. A question I've asked other writers a million times: "What is their external conflict?"

Duh. Duh. A hundred times duh. She thinks in a direction my brain refuses to go, so her tough questions started me in a new direction. My head was bursting by the time we finished our talk.

I've said it before and I confirm it again -- two brains are better than one!

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  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Yes, I've tried critique partners in the past and they've either moved away or lost interest. I'm like the energizer bunny, I keep going. But I have three great friends, all writers who agree to help me with plot when I have a problem. We sit and work out my plot problems and theirs over lunch and it's great walking away with my problem solved usually. I don't have organized critiques anymore, but this way we can get the input we need when we need it. We're always willing to help each other. And sometimes we plot on our way to and from our RWA Chapter meetings. It's a long drive for us, but we manage to get the most out of it!