Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Today I finished the novella for the '06 Spring Brides anthology. My working title was ALMOST A BRIDE. It's fits perfectly, but it might change. I was glad for the opportunity to write Charmaine's story. Charmaine has been around since SWEET ANNIE. She's also a ecomdary character in HIS SECONDHAND WIFE. She's Annie's cousin, and at once time she thought perhaps Luke was interested in her, but he had eyes only for Annie. Annie promised her that the next too-good-to-be-true man would be hers, so I found him. Remember the guy who looks like Jack Sparrow? That's him.

So now a few days of housecleaning are in order. You won't tell anyone if I slip out to catch a few garage sales, though, will you? And a new story will be simmering on the back burner. I have a couple of proposals out right now, but daylight's burnin' -- can't just wait to hear on those, you know?


  1. Hi Cheryl, I'm new to historical romance writing and have been reading, reading, reading (as we're told to do to learn what editors are looking for) and have been told to read anything of Cheryl St. John's.

    So I have a couple of your books in my TBR pile but unfortunately haven't gotten around to reading them yet (the pile keeps getting bigger rather than smaller). Charmaine's story sounds good so I will have to do some snooping around and try and dig up a copy of Sweet Annie. I love following characters in a book.

    BTW, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who loves garage sales! My daughter thinks I'm either cheap or insane for getting up at that godforsaken hour. I think I'm probably a bit of each, lol.

  2. Peggy,

    Whoever told you to read anything by Cheryl St.John is my new best friend! LOL

    I did the same thing as a beginning writer--I studied my favorite authors, and those who were selling well. I still pay attention to who's selling what, but along the way I discovered I write the way I write, and a Cheryl St.John story is unique and special in its own right.


    I also discovered the WAY I write is okay. That's gives me an idea for a new blog. See you on the main page!

  3. Cheryl - So glad to see you on the web! Now to bookmark and not to forget to come back. I just bought Prairie Wife on some reader recs, and am looking forward to a spare minute to read!

  4. Alison, thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy Praire Wife!

  5. I keep having people tell me to read your books, guess I must. *grin*

    Do you ever do booksignings in your area?

  6. Nicole,

    I do have local booksignings, in fact I had one in June and one in July with the release of my last two books, and I'm planning a couple for September.

    If you send your snail mail address privately to
    I'll make sure you get a postcard.

    Also, I usually notify readers about signings via my online newsletter. You can sign up for that on my website.

    Thanks for asking!