Thursday, April 02, 2009

Say Goodbye to ER

This face has inspired many a hero. :::sigh:::

After FOURTEEN seasons, tonight is the final episode, the grand finale of all season finales for ER. I've been an ER addict since the get-go, and even though the writers have tripped up and disappinted me in the past few years, I am sad to see this go. It's like saying goodbye to your steady old friends.

It's been bittersweet watching this season, as past characters returned for an appearance and an update. So many of the great ones are already gone. But they will live on in re-runs. And on and on and on.

Check your local listings. I think it starts at 7pm here.


  1. I used to watch ER faithfully every week. Most of the time, I'd bawl my eyes out because the shows were so heartbreaking. But I stopped watching when Noah Wyle left. Don't know why because I loved the other characters, too. Luka (Goran Visnjic) is one sexy dude!