Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recovery and Birthday

A pretty gift from my friend, Dee.

I just got my husband home from the hospital, and he's doing well, but I've had my hands full, running back and forth, teaching my online class, plus everything else. My Easter dinner was a tray that the dietician at the hospital brought me so we could have dinner together - which was very nice, and it didn't really matter what we were eating, because he's well and recovering. GOD IS GOOD.

Friends are bringing us meals all week. Last night's was wonderful: Spanish chicken, veggies and dip, 9 grain bread, fresh strawberries - and that gorgoeous cake you can see below. Are we blessed, or what?

I have to scan the card Dee gave me. She knows me TOO well! LOL

Inside it says:
Anything worth doing...
is worth over-doing!

And she wrote, "For some reason this card made me think of you!"
Loved it.

Last week we missed American Idol, so we watched last night and enjoyed.
My thoughts are changing. I actually loved Anoop and Danny, but I wasn't crazy about Adam or Lil.


  1. Cheryl, here I am, clueless again! I didn't realize your husband had been ill. Where have I been? But I am so glad he's better. I'll be praying for his continued recovery.

  2. Cheryl happy belated Birthday!!!!!!!
    What a cute card and yes just what you like. Tea pot is beautiful.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday--you think I could remember these things!?!?!

    Loving the card Dee found. It's so perfect. Sean was rendered speechless by it.

    Grateful to God for Jay's continued recovery. Tell him I am lonely singing without his presence...besides, he makes me giggle...often at you. :-)

    Much love from your BFF!

  4. Magdalena, I wasn't posting much because I was runnig back and forth to the hospital, and I don't think I posted anythng here about his surgery, so of course you didn't know. Thanks for the prayers!

    Thank you Brenda!

    I'll tell Jay you're missing him, Robyn. I am missing YOU! - and YES, awesome card, isn't it? verr-r--ry funny if you know me.

  5. Hi Cheryl: I also am said to hear about Jay. We will definitely keep both of you in our prayers. Glad to hear he's recovering and back home. It's good that you have friends feeding you too. What woul we do without our friends?

  6. Hi Cheryl,
    Oh, I'm glad your hubby is recovering. Take a moment for yourself amid all the chaos. You have lots going on, my friend.
    Happy Belated Birthday.
    Loved the cat card!