Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Photo Friday week 10

This is a yellow swallowtail enjoying the nectar of my butterly bushes under my front windows. I can watch them flutter and flit from my living room.

Can you believe I've posted photos for ten weeks? Every Friday like clockwork - well, like blogwork. Are you still enjoying them?


  1. I do enjoy the lovely photos, Cheryl!'s Wednesday here in Indiana. Is it Friday where you are? I think you're April Fooling me, which is no fair when I'm only half awake so far.


  2. April Fool!

    Actually not. Occasionally I get those dates mixed up in the posting schedule. LOL

    So, the joke's on me.

    I'll just leave it and see if anyone notices.

  3. Yes, and you remind me how much I neglect my own blog LOL. Oh well, I try. It's my ADD.


  4. I really love your photo's Cheryl. And I agree with Magdalena, it's Wednesday in Washington State! I think if you ever want to change careers, nature photography should be your choice.

  5. I love to take photos as well as look at them. This is a nice, clear shot of your butterfly and the picture has lots of color. :-)