Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holly Jacobs: Once Upon a Thanksgiving

It's A Time For Giving And Receiving…Love
As if working and raising her family of five—four kids and one demanding cat—isn't enough, Samantha Williams has been volunteered to oversee a Thanksgiving pageant at her kids' school. So a relationship is the last thing on this stretched-too-thin single mother's mind.

Until she meets the new interim principal—sexy, single Harry Remington. Her childhood friend.

Harry is welcomed into Samantha's home as if he belonged. Being part of her sprawling family—even if it's only temporary—makes him realize how much he misses having a real home. Best of all, he and Samantha are starting to trust each other. How can he say goodbye to all that? How can he leave when he's just found the best reason of all to stay?


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  1. I just read and reviewed this one on my blog - I loved it! A great read and I can't wait to get the second book!