Monday, November 10, 2008

holiday shopping

I've read a couple of predictions for the big deals for sales the day after Thanksgiving this year. It's predicted that Walmart will have a $299 laptop and Office Depot a $300 laptop.


  1. Sweet!

    Maybe I'll go get myself a little gift since I'll have to be the one in line at 5am.

  2. If you are going to Walmart you better be there the night before that is how it was last year, and they then still didn't have but only 4 of them. It makes me mad they put those things in the ads and really only have a couple I guess it is just to get us all out there shopping.
    I really can't wait I don't really have anyone thing I need just some gifts I just like the rush of it.
    Oh yes Cheryl tree is going up this week I changed the living room around so I am ready for it hubby wanted it up 2 weeks ago but I have been putting it off. Funny I have been holding him off, I am the one who really likes the tree being up. I will send you a picture I think computer is better now.

  3. Not a big difference in price tag..! Well, I am looking for a big discount sale.

  4. wow! will be waiting for that cool walmart promo. It's great to have laptop bags on sale!