Monday, November 03, 2008

Her Montana Man

My December book HER MONTANA MAN is featured on eharlequin's opening page this month! Whoo hoo! Click over to and it's the first big splash ad you see.

Click through and it takes you to the order page

and an excerpt

This cover is a huge hit already...I think I'll have a drawing for a few copies...ready?


  1. Yes, since you haven't had a book out in a while. Congratulations on the new one!

  2. Maureen, I had an October book! You didn't miss that one, did you?

  3. I can't wait to read this one. It looks terrific! congrats! Oh and I loved the costumes.

  4. I love the cover and I can't wait to get mine. I love all your books there hasn't been one that I have been disappointed with so I know I will love it. Keep writing! LOL

  5. Hey Cheryl, I was on the eharl site yesterday (I put my order in on free boook Friday ;-) ) and I saw your cover on the banner or whatever you call it. It really looks good.

    I've just done a book review where the cover doesn't match what's in the book and I know it's out of the author's hands, but I feel so terrible for her.

    Your cover, however, is tasteful and I feel like smiling whenever I look at it.

    It's a feel good cover!

  6. Thank you SO much, Anita! I am totally stoked about this cover, too! And it males meeee smile. :-)