Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today's gorgeous tree belong to Patricia. She's going to send us a photo of her Rudolph Village when she gets it all set up, too!

Patricia says: "We usually decorate the same every year. I kind of have a thing for blue. It is my absolute favorite color. Our tree is a unique mix of all of our faves. There are lots of Star Wars ornaments (the four of us are seriously hooked on anything and everything to do with Star Wars!), some Star Trek ones too, and my fave Christmas theme: Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. We have ornaments from the kids’ fave movies and tv shows (Toy Story, Disney, etc…) as well as some handmade ones and antique ornaments handed down from my grandmother.

"We buy a new collectible ornament each year after Christmas and put it away until the next year without our two boys knowing about it and then when we are putting up the tree we unveil whatever new goodie we found and they get to put it on the tree. Decorating the tree is very much a family affair at our house with everyone putting on their own special ornaments and then digging in and hanging the rest with glee! Of course, Christmas music is playing while this is going on and we usually have some cider brewing on the stove to enjoy after we are done."

Sounds like a memorable family event, doesn't it? Thanks so much for sharing with us, Patricia! I noticed Woody on a limb there! We are Toy Story fans at my house, too.


  1. Oh Patricia! You're a woman after my own heart- I love blue too(though I go with multi-color most the time) I do put blue candle lights in the windows and we have blue and white snowflake LED lights on the wreath on the front door)

    I think my love of blue at Christmas comes from growing up hearing Elvis singing Blue Christmas on my mom's old record.

    Beautiful tree and I especially love your lights around the window!

  2. Thank you very much, Taryn.

    If you look closely...there is an Elvis ornament on there too! We love Elvis too. In fact, my husband shares the same birthday as The King.