Thursday, November 13, 2008

Great Christmas Tree Tour '08: TARYN RAYE

Here's the first contributor this year, and what a beautiful tree it is!
Taryn says: "Each year we buy a new ornament for the kids and one for me and hubby. My favorite ornaments are the ones my kids have made either at school, or ones I've helped them with, especially the handprint snowmen we made in 2004. Those are extra special because I have the children's handprints from when they were 2 and 6."

Thank you for sending your tree for us to enjoy, Taryn! I love all the red bows and the lighted topper.


  1. A beautiful tree. You sure believe in decorating early!

  2. Love the tree Taryn, I can't wait to get mine up maybe this weekend.

  3. Thank you Cheryl and thanks Magdalena and Betsy!

    We just put it up this past weekend. I got in a cleaning mood to take down my Halloween stuff and the next thing I knew my 5 year old was asking(more like begging) me to put up the tree and hubby was asking where his Christmas village pieces were.

    My "clean-up before decorating" morphed into "clean and decorate right then." :D

    Thanks ladies!