Friday, January 18, 2008

Val Kilmer

I was rather appalled when I ran across this picture of Val Kilmer, but now I'm telling myself he gained weight for his role in Comanche Moon.


  1. Oh, Val! What happened, sweetcakes? Um, I guess that's what happened . . . :)

    The only way I'll recover from this will be to watch Willow again.

  2. You have to write it like this:

    Get it?
    Cher :-)

  3. Oh, that's good! I can hear her voice now.

  4. Men are different. He'll just decide to lose weight and be thin again. It's so unfair.

    When was the last time a woman won The Biggest Loser?

  5. Wow...Val Kilmer?

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  6. Oh my--not a flattering photo of Mr. Hot-stuff! Of course, I know the famous are constantly being photographed---but I'm thinking it's not the camera adding all of those pounds.