Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Show them the money!

Wouldn't it be ironic if while the television moguls are holding out on giving the writers their due slice of the pie that America realized it got along just fine without those programs! So, if you watched the video (if you didn't, scroll down and watch it) you know what the strike is all about: New media. Authors have had their contracts changed over the past few years, too, to include ebooks and internet sales.

Anyway, which shows do you miss the most? For me, of course, it's BONES! But, good for us--I think-- they've dug up another lost episode. Well, it wasn't really lost. This is the show they shelved last April when the Virginia Tech slayimgs too closely resembled college students in the program. That was sensitive of them, I thought. But now they're pulling this episode out -- I guess America is supposed to be desensitised by now, right? and get this: They haven't changed the murder plot; they've changed removed interaction between Angela and Hodgins because they are now engaged and weren't then, and supposedly that would have been weird to viewers.

Well, it's been so long since we've seen a new show, anything is going to be weird at this point. But don't think we get to see it this week -- they're holding it for sweeps in May. Fox put the last three pre-strike episodes on hold for sweeps, too. Don't ya love it? They'll put all the good new shows on opposite each other. Ah, well, just so I get my Brennan and Booth fix.


  1. Hmmm--since I can't remember the last 'grown up' show I got to see live on the TV--not syndicated, not reruns, not TIVO, I'm not sure what I miss. :-)
    With kids, I don't get out much and I don't get to watch much grown up TV.

    My first--and I'll stay with it for final answer is...
    Curious George on PBS. I really miss that little monkey doing new antics. Did you see the one where he switches all the signs at the park and zoo?? Makes the women's bathroom sign on the Lion's cage? I've had days where the women's restroom has felt like a den of lions. :-)

  2. I miss the new shows too. Bones and House are my favorites. Although, now that Idol is back on for the season the pain is greatly lessened. It was a hoot to watch the first auditions last night. I know that for the most part those people know they have no chance of making it, but the costumes they were wearing!!! I honestly think this is the best part of Idol.

  3. Haven't seen Curious George. I recorded American Idol because I was gone, but will watch it later. Also recorded night 2 of Comanche Moon.