Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I have a task ahead of me, so picture me working like crazy today. The book I'm working on is due the end of February, so it's time to buckle down.

1 ____ I always wear a read boa while I write - it gets me in the mood.

2 ____ I always drink sweetened hot tea while I work.

3 ____ I never answer the phone or check email during working hours.

4 ____ The snow coming down in crazy flurries really has me longing for Spring!

5 ____ I nibble on carrot sticks all day long.

6 ____ I won the national multiplication championship in sixth grade.

7 ____ Lost is my favorite television series.

8 ____ My birthday is this month.


  1. That is so cool that you won the multiplication championship in the sixth grade!

    You know what second place is? First loser!

  2. And carrot sticks? Really Cheryl. Are they chocolate covered carrot sticks?

  3. Well, you know Sean constantly asks how it's possible for you to get any work done with all the blogging, rennovating and collections. :-) I'll be praying for many pages written quickly!

  4. Birthday oh my goodness I can't remember the date I should have this carved in my head. What is the date again?

  5. Cheryls birthday is April 14th. So that can't be the answer. But I can see Cheryl sitting in front of her computer chewing carrots and drinking tea (sweetened or not.)
    Hey, Cheryl, remember writing this?
    "Romantic Tips for Clueless Guys!"
    I STILL have my copy.

  6. Yes, Sue! I will have to find that and post it. I made it for a giveaway at the booksigning. I've done lots of signings on Valentine's weekend, and I like something to hand to guys.

  7. Sue thank you I just found my list with the birthday's on it and seen when hers was. I was thinking I missed it with everything going on.
    Yes I could see Cheryl eating chocolate covered carrot sticks..

  8. Well, I guessed 2 & 8 since she said her bday was this month with mine and I think she loves tea.

    Proofreader spots the "read" for "RED" in feather boas. GREAT mask and cleavage!!

    Rebecca, hubby came home last night and just made that comment about 2nd place- he was sore about only winning $10 at poker for 2nd place ROFL!! since I don't recall ever hearing it before. Twice in two days!