Monday, January 07, 2008


It's going to be a fun week! I have two ideas for themes to run this week.

HURTS SO GOOD - movies that make us cry -
but that we watch over and over!


I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF - what did you accomplish or what are you thankful for - and a look at the people we think are so perfect, but in reality are not perfect at all. (You know how I love these pics of celebs caught off guard-remember Goldie? :::SHUDDER:::)

So, lets' get going.


We all remember when she was on the cover of every magazine we passed in the stands. She was the Revlon cover person, and she now has a skin care line she promotes. She's a beautiful supermodel extraordinaire, right? She's had two children. The paprazzi made a big deal out of these recent photographs of her at the beach. I wouldn't have chosen that skimpy bathing suit, but hey, she doesn't look that bad! She looks pretty normal.

Whenever I look at the young gorgeous gals, I don't hate 'em. I just think, "Your time is coming, sweetie." So, Cindy's pretty much like the rest of us.

I ate extremely healthy over the weekend, and I feel good about that.
What do you feel good about?


  1. I feel good about getting my kids to the one exhibit they wanted to see at the museum before it left. (I'm also feeling good that we got to go to another museum to see the exhibit I wanted to see before it was gone.)

  2. I cleaned out the laundry/storage room! I donated my size 6 1/2 riding boots to the Goodwill. While I may ride horses again, I doubt I'm going to have a size 6 1/2 foot. I also pitched my Naval uniforms since I don't see the need to wear them arising any time soon...Etc., etc., etc...

  3. It DOES feel good to unclutter, doesn't it? Good for you! Hope the Goodwill got your Navy uniforms. I can see the trick-or-treaters now. Would LOVE to see a pic of you in uniform.

  4. As a mom it's a challenge to satisfy all the things our kids want, but it sure helps if they're educational! I love museums and need to go more often. We used to keep a Western Heritage membership - they have such awesome exhibits. Hmmm, maybe a membership should be a goal.

  5. I had a great weekend was able to keep all the family happy. Since Dad has pasted it is hard on me on the weekends my Mom and Aunt want to do stuff and my kids now that one has moved out wants to do stuff too and then I have the Little Jason so I am pulled into so many different directions it is really hard. But I was able to keep everyone happy this weekend so wish me luck for the rest of the year.....

  6. Trying to please everyone is tough. Glad you had a good weekend, though. I did, too. Yesterday was good with the kids here.

  7. I feel good that I cleared out most of the Christmas decorations. It seems to take twice as long to put everything away as it does to take them out.

  8. Good job, Maureen! Christmas decor is a HUGE job, and don't you always forget one thing?

  9. I wrote 5 pages today. Not a big page count for me, but I'm moving past the hurdle - that place between the end of chapter three - and the rest of the book. The beginning of the book is over, and I'm moving forward! Whoo hoo!

    I feel good about that.

  10. Wow you have very busy today that is good can't wait to read the next great book by you.

  11. I spent the weekend doing all the chores that were put off during the last two weeks of holiday time. I also ate very well over the weekend and have a goal this month, (a month at a time, not year) to keep it up!

    Great job Cheryl. 5 pages. I can't do one paragraph that anyone would want to read. LOL

  12. I moved ALL the boxes off 2 couches Sat & cleared living rm enough that could ask hubby to vacuum. On return from church Sun he had not only done that (BIG chore with a shedding cat & dog!) but unclogged vacuum & rearranged furniture so you could square dance in the middle if you were so inclined! or ROFL!! I should post a picture to encourage others as I was SO discouraged and overwhelmed til a friend came to help with paperwork. She was only there for 30 min Sat but WHAT A BOOST!! I am fortunate, blessed and lucky to have another friend/neighbor who trusts me not to gossip about her debris as I help her unbury from clutter for a family of 6 and I trust her in return. We trade off as our schedules permit-30 min to 4 hrs.

  13. Yes, let's see the military photo.
    Cheryl is so into recycling, glad she thought of the reason for a use for it. I gave my wedding formal to a little girl for dress up.
    Another friend/neighbor found snowmen in her house in March and I found one in JULY!!
    I groaned about museums when I was 14 but I ENJOY them tremendously; just got to Durham Western Heritage with High school students recently so can vouch GOOD exhibits-call it research, Cheryl! They have a old store, 2 worker's cottages & 1950's rooms like Blast from the Past movie!

  14. Cheryl, GOOD JOB on the writing progress! Look forward to next epic!
    CB looks pretty good; my tummy isn't wrinkled because it is round and tubby!
    A High school girl said "that old lady told us to move on" (in the hall) and I told her "It'll happen to you, one day" so I can relate to your comment! LOL

  15. Have yiu ever been to Pioneer Village in Minden, Lou Ann? They have rooms set up in various time periods like that.

    We used to keep a WH membership, but haven't had one for a few years. I should check into that. It's always a good afternoon activity with the kids.

  16. Oh, Lou, I'm sitting here HOOTING about the old lady comment.


  17. Yes, Cheryl, went once to Pioneer Village with 2 sons & hubby; I spent all day there, they fished the last half after seeing all the vehicles (tractors,cars,trucks,
    motorcycles, even planes/boats.) A God-incident: Just found my copy today of "Over the Hill and Past Our Place" by Harold Warp. his subtitle is very descriptive: A True narrative of how 2 farm boys viewed automobiles, tractors, telephones,and other modern conveniences as they came over the hill for the first time across the broad plains of Nebraska. Printed 1958, 4th ed 1990. Wonderful place to show rural history to anyone. Living History Farm in Des Moines IA (my home state) is another.

  18. I use A History of Man's Progress for research. It's a book with pictures of everything at Pioneer Village. What a find!

  19. Cheryl. sounds like a TREASURE!
    Mine has only 78 pages but 28 are illustrations. Only one is about the museum, aerial view of 10 acres, lists 20 bldgs housing 20,000 historical items.

    A topic for P & P is the '69 comedy western "Sam Whiskey" I just watched with Angie Dickinson, Burt Reynolds, Ossie Davis, Clint Walker returning stolen gold to the Denver mint; PG-13 GREAT cinematography! Encore's western channel. A must see! In the style of Support Your Local Sheriff and Gunslinger with James Garner.