Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I Feel Good About Me - Tuesday

Can you believe Madonna's fifty? Didn't she always seem young to you? Dancer, singer, actress. She's been into yoga for years and has some buff arms.

But check out these hands.

So...what do you feel good about today?


  1. Hi Cheryl,
    thanks for the pictures!! I'll be fifty in February and sometimes I feel like eighty but...my hands aren't at all like hers! Hip Hip Hurray!!
    Still there's hope..

  2. Wow... I agree Eva, my hands aren't that bad--and mine are in water so much at work! Guess there's only so much you can do to keep that so-called younger image. maybe they'll have to start doing hand lifts...finger tucks...botox? LOL

  3. Oh my goodness her hands are gross. I hope mine never get like that.
    I feel good about me because I was up at the crack of dawn and was at Walmart (Janets new book Plum Lucky came out) before work and even to work way early. Yeah for me... Hope the rest of the day goes good.

  4. I agree. The rest of me may look old, but hands aren't that bad. I love lizzies comment, finger tucks and hand lifts. A smile to begin my day!

  5. I am behind! I'll have to post about Janet's book!

    How's Grandma Mazur?

  6. I cleaned out a tangle of rubber bands, paper clips and odds and ends from my top drawer a minute ago, and I feel good about me!

  7. I worked ouot tonight. I feel good about that. Came home and ate sugar free jello. What a splurge.

  8. I'm feeling good because I slept til 8:38 am and washed 3 sinks of dishes by 9:30, my counters are clear and clean!
    I'm 57 this month, past 7 yrs, skin on hands is drying out, wrinkling after being oily forever so now have to moisturize. Younger sister has dry skin and she and age 60 friend's look like M's so be grateful.