Monday, January 07, 2008


Great job with movies that make us cry!

Here's today's list:
Steel Magnolias
Pretty Woman
Dear Frankie
Fried Green Tomatoes
The Thornbirds
The NOtebook
City of Angels

more tomorrow....


  1. more crying movies...
    Gone With the Wind
    Lord of the Rings
    Bridge to Terebithia
    Brother Bear

    hmm, it does have a lot to do with dying...

    Lady and the Tramp--it kills me when the dogs are singing about home...Don't even get me started on the sarah mclachlan commercial! I turn the channel.

    Commercials! They can be just as bad. I have been known to cry at McDonald's commericals. Remember the one where the elderly couple have been eyeing each other and finally he asks if he can join her?

    The really bad part is when rewatching a movie--or reading a book--and you know that part is coming and you swear you're not gonna cry... nope, that never happens!

    Now, what about songs? LOL

  2. I confess I have never watched GWTW all the way through. I've caught pieces here and there. Mayhap that should be a goal?

    LOTR, of course!

    BTT - oh my goodness. Elijah and I read it over the summer as a reading project and we weren't as thrilled with the book. The main character, the boy, is the narrator of the story, and his POV is a tad downbeat. Perhaps if we'd read it first, but I don't know...

    I've never seen BB, though we do have it in our DVD library. Will have to check that out on your recommendation.

  3. Oh, and what about Hallmark commercials???

  4. Just saw Bridge to Terabithia for first time last night- SO GOOD! See why the book got a Newbery award so will try to read it- I LOVE kids books, maybe because I'm waiting to grow up (and I'm over 50? ROFL!!)

  5. Yes, Cheryl, Hallmark especially the older ones. We got to see them first and the guys I worked with for them (8 yrs) got teary!

    New rating system for films, commercials, etc:
    1, 2 or 3 hankies!
    Appreciate it when my friends warn me to take tissues to theater or have them handy at home. Saves a trip to bathroom for TP.