Monday, December 03, 2007

Welcome Guest Blogger: *lizzie Starr

I'm delighted to introduce you a close friend of mine. Her stories are literally light years away from mine, in that she's usually in another time and place. She has a gift for endearing characters, gripping story lines, and unique world building. Add to that the fact that she's a fun person who can really cook, and I knew you'd love her! Meet, my critique partner, *lizzie Starr:

Cheryl’s review of Birds Do It:
“A sexy hero, a believable heroine, and *lizzie starr’s clever brand of humor make her an author to watch out for. With a premise so delightful I wish I had thought of it, Birds Do It will keep you turning pages with a smile.”

When Cheryl asked me to be a guest blogger I was thrilled...then dismayed. What was I going to chat about? Sure, as a lunch lady by profession I could talk about cooking and recipes—a favorite here. But what about as a writer?

Although I do write some contemporary romance (like the book Cheryl reviewed!) most of the tales flowing from my pen are fantasy and futuristic. Those are my worlds. So, why not talk a little bit about world building?

Having a believable world is essential to every story. Cheryl gives us excellent glimpses into historical worlds—like the Harvey Houses. Her contemporary works give the reader glimpses of a world they’re already knowledgeable about. We’ve lived our own lives in these times and with these histories. As long as a storyteller doesn’t completely rearrange facts or recognizable places or landmarks, we’re comfortable, happy and enjoy the read.

But what about places we haven’t been or read about in a travel article or history book? What about places that come totally from an author’s mind?

Actually, readers, as well as movie goers and couch potatoes, are well versed in fantasy and science fiction/futuristic worlds. In looking at the worlds of Star Trek or The Lord Of The Rings, we see familiar locations. Forests, a view of stars from space, vast cities and civilizations which could be made up of humans--if we take away pointed ears or oddly colored skin. We’re comfortable in these settings. In fact, these world views have become a part of our history, of what we know.

So what does an author do? Haven’t all these worlds been done before? Is there really anything new? Scientists now are playing with all kinds of quantum stuff (which I find totally fascinating but don’t understand one iota! Although I’ve come close—thanks to Trek watching.) and have come close to proving theories of parallel worlds and time travel. Pure fantasy? Perhaps. The made up technologies of Star Trek are not so made up any more.

In order to stand out, to make their world different, writers have to go beyond the physical world itself and build upon myths, history and traditions. I’ll talk about those over the next couple of days.

Of course, I can’t leave ya’ll without a recipe! And a quote from my fantasy romance Double Moon Destiny.

“Here is food, but I fear it is cold. We may have taken longer to return than expected.”

Kierigh laughed. “She hoped we would be long. See, the meal is meant to be eaten cold.” He lifted a loaf... “Grandmother is ever hopeful.”

Where can you order *lizzie's books you ask?

Grandmother’s Campfire Sandwich

1 large, thick and round unsweetened scone
2 cups cooked, shelled seafood of choice (shrimp, clams, muscles, oysters, crab)
½ cup tomato cocktail sauce
1 cup cooked vegetables (corn and peas are good)
salt and other seasonings to your personal choice

Mash together half of the seafood, the cocktail sauce and seasonings. Fold in the remaining seafood and the vegetables.

Cut scone in half horizontally. Spread filling evenly on bottom half then press on the scone top. Wrap in foil and place at the edge of the campfire or on a grill until heated. (Although, as Kierigh and Jermanaha discovered, it is also good cold!)

Learn more about *lizzie and her books here:

And come back tomorrow for more about *lizzie AND another recipe!


  1. What a beautiful picture *lizzie!

    What a wonderful thing to create a world and visit it whenever you chose.

  2. Sherri,
    you'll have to thank Cheryl for that great fairy picture! And yes, the book covers are pretty nice as well.

  3. Lovely intro, Cheryl.
    And you're right...I usually am in another place. (giggle)

    Thanks again for the chance to be here!

  4. I'm looking forward to more of your story Lizzie...and to your books.

  5. Great info lizzie. I'll have to get out my mental erecter set and make sure my world is believable. Looking forward to your next post.

  6. Betsy--thanks! I hope neither one disappoints.

    Theresa--If you can look at your world with a fresh eye and believe in it...well, there ya go. And if you believe, clap your hands. Just make sure there isn't a fairy hovering too close!

  7. The picture of YOU is beautiful *lizzie! Fairies are a dime a dozen - there's only one *lizzie.

  8. I thought that was what you meant, Sherri! LOL It is a great picture, really captures you, *lizzie, and the backlit "fire" from behind is pretty cool.

  9. What a great blog, *lizzie! I can't wait to hear more, especially since I really need to work on my book "world."

    And Sherri is right--your pic is fab! It truly does capture your sparkly personality. :)

  10. Intriquing, not my usual fare but your blog makes it seem very interesting. Looking forward to reading more.

  11. Ladies, you are too kind with your picture comments. The praise needs to go to the photographer, and of course his partner who did the air brushing. LOL Eh, it looks like me.

    Julie--definately get to thinking about your world.

    Connie--Thanks for taking a chance with fantasy. I've been told many times that someone doesn't do fantasy, but really liked my book. Go figure. Of course, if you want to stick with a contemporary book, try Birds Do It. There's no other worlds there--although I did combine three cities to make my setting. :)

  12. Thanks for guest blogging. I haven't had the opportunity to read one of your books, but look forward to it now. I agree with your comment earlier, if you haven't tried a fantasy novel, you really need to. The well written ones are worth their weight in gold.
    Looking forward to your blog tomorrow.