Friday, December 28, 2007

Harlequin Enterprises to End NEXT and Everlasting As Stand-Alone Series

Harlequin Enterprises announced October 2nd both NEXT and Everlasting Love will "end as stand-alone series with their January 2008 publications. Everlasting will continue as a sub-brand within Superromance, and we will be looking at trade-format opportunities for Next and for specific books from the Everlasting inventory."

The Everlasting Love titles will publish as a sub-brand under Superromance beginning in early 2008, with approximately one released per month. Harlequin hopes Superromance's broader distribution and shelf presence will expose more readers to Everlasting Love. Additional distribution opportunities will be looked at, including possible publication in trade format.

Harlequin NEXT will cease publication of the mass-market series as of February 2008, although discussions are under way as to how to keep the "brand alive and growing in a distribution other than on the series racks...we are looking very closely at the opportunity to publish NEXT in the trade-size format ... We are looking forward to creating a program that will enhance the NEXT brand and further garner sales and consumer attention that NEXT needs."

Randall Toye, global editorial director, series, says, "We are firm believers in the content of both of these programs. Many wonderful storytellers came to have a relationship with Harlequin for the first time because of the editorial scope of these programs, and many seasoned romance authors were able to challenge themselves and deliver some incredible novels. We are committed to publishing vibrant and relevant fiction for the growing demographic of women over the age of 35, and feel that the stories captured in Everlasting Love and Next are an important part of that commitment."

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