Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Great Christmas Tree Tour 2007

Ginger cleared off her credenza and got a little fiber optic tree. Her grandbaby made the stocking, and the two floppy reindeers are her most precious possessions from when her kids were little.

Thanks, Ginger!


  1. Oh My God! I can't believe you posted my 'dollar store' tree with all these beauties. I only sent it to show you the bargain basement side of decorating. It actually looks even cheesier in person. I especially like the 'bill bin' at the side, don't you?


  2. Ginger, I LOVED it! But I'll take it down if you don't like it.

    It make me think I want one beside my desk.
    Cher :-)

  3. Ginger so glad Cheryl posted as I have NINE of them; 4 Rodney reindeer from '79, one still with Burger King tag/poem; 2 Rhonda's from '84, one w/skirt; 2 smaller Ramonas from '86, one w/ tag/poem about her & twin Randy; tiny boy with no tag/date or name.

    I have 4 small trees; now that I have a house big enough for a large tree, that's funny! Have a 7'
    lighted artificial-will relocate it as hubby put a 92" screen where we used to put it!

    Was actually going to ask if you help people organize their paperwork? I have 12 books on getting organized and STILL struggle with paper! LOL hubby is in the same boat.