Monday, December 10, 2007

The Great Christmas Tree Tour 2007: Charlene Sands

From my good friend Charlene in sunny Orange County, CA:

"It's FAKE and therefore perfect every year! After 28 years of a 'live' tree, now the kids are grown and can't complain (yet they still do). The fear of fire (our neighbor's house burned down a few years ago from a Christmas tree fire)and our desire to decorate early made our decision easy. We LOVE our fake perfect tree and often we buy a live wreath to get that wonderful pine scent in our home."
Charlene Sands
Coming in January - Silhouette Desire THE CORPORATE RAIDER'S REVENGE

Charlene, it's beautiful, as is your entire room! I want to come sit on your sofa and sip tea (or cider or something) with you for an afternoon.


  1. It's a great tree Charlene. So bright and pretty with the bows. I told my husband I want to buy angel ornaments to replace the ones our kids have taken. What do you ladies think?

  2. Hi Betsy,
    I love theme trees. Each year I put more and more poinsettia flowers in our tree. From the pic they look like bows, but they are really poinsettias. I'd say, go for it - an angel tree sounds lovely!