Thursday, December 20, 2007

Everything But a Groom - Holly Jacobs

I fell in love with this cover (I already adored the author) and asked my friend Holly to talk a little about the book.

Hi, Cheryl and friends!

Okay, here’s a confession...I love writing older ladies. Truly. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. For years we lived in the apartment above hers and she was...well, opinionated would be a polite way to describe her! Here’s the thing, there’s something so utterly refreshing in an older lady’s willingness to say what’s on her mind. They don’t mince least my grandmother didn’t. If you annoy her she said so. I aspire to be like her and the other amazing older ladies I know when I get older. Maybe that’s why I’ve included an older generation of women in so many of my books...they’re who I want to grow up to be.

My new Everything But... trilogy from Avalon Book features the family’s grandmother, Vancy Salo...Nana to her family. And Nana’s got a problem. You see, everyone in Hungary knows that words have power. And in a moment of anger, Nana accidentally cursed her own family to disastrous weddings. Lightening strikes. Sinking boats. Not one of her children manage a wedding unscathed. And now her grandchildren are starting to marry. All Nana wants to do is see the curse broken with her granddaughter and namesake, Vancy’s wedding. Unfortunately, the wedding isn’t just a’s canceled. It’s hard to have a wedding without a groom. And when the paparazzi catches wind of The Salo Family Wedding Curse, things go from bad to worse for Vancy...and poor Nana.

The wonderful thing about writing first book was knowing I’d get to spend three books with Nana, as all three of her grandchildren try to deal with her curse...and the fact she’s trying to undo it. Sometimes they can’t tell which is worse, the curse itself, or Nana’s attempts to de-curse the family.

It was fun writing about this big, loving Hungarian family. I’m not Hungarian, but my stepfather is. I remember going to a Hungarian picnic here in town. They taught us to make this sandwich that involved slab bacon cooked over an open fire, its drippings allowed to go on a huge chunk of bread, then the bacon and some sliced onion were used to make the sandwich. I didn’t think I’d like it, but it was surprisingly good. That was my one real Hungarian experience. The other recipes and the few Hungarian endearments were researched. I’m hoping I got them all right. My intent was to pay homage to this wonderful country. I especially loved the folk tale in the first book.

Everything But a Groom is officially out on Christmas Eve. The other two books, Everything But a Bride and Everything But a Wedding will be out in August and December of 2008. Speaking of Christmas, I hope you all have a wonderful one! My son came home from college, and my older daughter will get in Christmas day, so we’re going to have a will be lovely!

Cheryl, thanks, as always, for the invitation to come visit on your blog! You’re a very special lady. (And speaking of Christmas and books...I loved A Western Winter Wonderland. WWW was one of my early holiday treats to myself. Thanks for it!!)

Hope you all have a wonderful new year filled with friends, family...and lots of good books!

EVERYTHING BUT A GROOM, Avalon Books, 12/07
EVERYTHING BUT A BRIDE, Avalon Books, 8/08
SAME TIME NEXT SUMMER, Harlequin Superromance, 8/08
THE PTA MOM trilogy, Harlequin American Romance, starting 10/08


  1. The book sounds hilareous, Holly. I write Christian fiction and it turns out, two adults can't stay alone together over night. That's just a rule. Even if nothing happens. And no, children aren't a good enough chaperone. And if it does happen, in historical fiction especially, well, the woman is 'ruined' and a wedding must come immediately...which is a pretty fun plot device.
    So, I wrote a romance a while back and had no chaperone and a man and his two sons are forced to find shelter with this woman who lived way out in the isolated mountains. I was told of the chaperone rule. So, I thought, if I need a chapterone, I'm gonna have a killer!!!!of a chaperone.
    So I invented a Smoky Mountain Granny and just had her be the most nosy, meddling, sharp eyed old bat imaginable.
    She was so much fun I now can't imagine the book without her. It's under consideration again. We'll see.

  2. Mary,

    My fingers are crossed! Love the brief description...especially Granny! And yes, the chaperone rule makes a great device!! Avalon's romances are sweet (I once had to tone down a kiss), but they didn't mind my characters staying together with just kids as chaperones.

    When I wrote my Perry Square series for Sil. Romance, Pearly Gates was in all the books, an older lady who always made me laugh. She said things that took me by surprise. Sounds a bit...uh, well, sanity impaired on my part, but really, Pearly took on a life of her own.

    I'm hoping that the new year brings you and Granny good news!!


  3. This book sounds great. I'll be looking for it at Christmas! I just love older people too. That was where I spent most of my younger years, with my Grandma's friends learning to crochet, knit, etc., and you're right, they never hesitated to speak their minds. Must come with being older, being true to yourself. Merry Christmas!

  4. Betsy, My grandmother was a knitting machine. I still have some brand new mittens she made me that I can stand the thought of wearing because I'll never get another new pair! I'll confess, I didn't learn to knit (she was great at it, but not so great at teaching it! LOL) but I do crochet and quilt!

    It's so nice to have those kind of memories. And yes, sometimes I think younger people could benefit by being more true to themselves and telling it like it is!

    Merry Christmas!!


  5. I have been told since I was young that I'm painfully honest, but now I find I am even more vocal. I am working to keep it zipped more often. It's great to have an opinion, but I don't always have to give it. LOL

  6. Cheryl,

    You are welcome to share your opinion with me anytime! Even if I don't agree, I love a good debate. I have a good friends whose political leanings are soooo far removed from mine. But both of us love a nice debate, and we always have the most interesting conversations, even if neither of us ever change our minds! LOL


  7. Waving hi, Holly! Love your new cover . And I look forward to an age when I can say exactly what's on my mind. LOL.

  8. Hi Holly,

    I agree the cover is just beautiful!!!!

  9. Thanks Colleen and Lily! I so lucked out. Last I heard they're planning on similar ones for the next two...a groom in his tux for Everything but a Bride. Keep your fingers crossed!

    Happy Holidays!


  10. Holly, I've been crocheting since I was 7 but only picked up my knitting needles again about a year ago. I'm sooo slow! :-) But, practice makes perfect and I'm enjoying it. I made 14 dishcloths last week for all of the ladies in my Bible Study. They have angels worked into the stitches and are really pretty(Even if I do say so myself!) I've crocheted 126 baby blankets this year for our hospital nursery to give new moms so obviously I'm much faster at that!

  11. Betsy, That's so cool! What a wonderful thing to do!

    And thanks, Sherri! I'm so glad you liked the cover and the sounds of the story!

    Today's the last day of school here. My quiet house won't be so much, but it's going to be nice having all the kids home! Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday!!

    Cheryl, Thanks so much for allowing me to visit!


  12. Holly, This sounds like a wonderful trilogy and I love the cover on Everything But a Groom!
    I'm looking forward to reading it!

  13. OK--have to tell you the words that caught my eye were "PTA Trilogy". Speaking stricktly as a PTA mom, how on earth could I have missed such a thing?!?! Now I've got to get my hands on those books.

    The new cover looks great and I think I'll love this story, too. It's just the PTA Mom thing sounds like my life in print. HAHA!!!

  14. OK--I've hunted around on Holly's site and found out I haven't missed the PTA Mom books. They come out next year.

    I KNEW there was no way I'd miss something so important. :-)

    Holly--I'll be first in line to get these!