Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Tree Ideas and Tips

I actually like artificial fruit ornaments. Some are frosted and quite elaborate and others are simple. This gold theme gives the tree an elegant look.


  1. Yes, elegant. My boyfriend and I had a real tree, flocked white by the local greenhouse in Council Bluffs, then decorated with all blue ornaments. Got rid of them when we split up 30 yrs ago.

  2. Our church in Millard had a tree with lavendar & pale "Virgin Mary" blue balls; don't recall the other ornaments, but the tree skirt was cross-stitched squares of Christian symbols in the same colors.

    The previous entry w/ BF should have said blue lights too.

    My parents had red orns, including checkerboard (Dad was a Purina dealer), cardinals (from college mascot) & small velvet bows.