Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Post Valentine Shopping

Is the day after Valetine's Day a let down? No way! There's a lot to be said for HALF-PRICE CHOCOLATE! I cleaned up yesterday. I have enough to last through post-Easter candy.

So does anyone want to share what they got for Valentine's Day?

I promised you my Top Ten Favorite Romantic Movie list, so that's coming next.

Oh, and by the way, I went and bought Love Comes Softly and watched it last night. I loved it and I love that Marty is Izzy from Gray's Anatomy. Has anyone read those Janet Oakey books? My daughter, Kristin read them all in high school. I also bought the second one, but haven't watched it yet. You guys are increasing my DVD library. Or as my grandson calls them, DBDs.

On Tuesday I bought the Gray's Anatomy DVD. If you never had a chance to catch the show, I highly recommend at least renting the DVD. My daughter and I can't wait for Sunday nights when the show is on. And somebody tell me -- where have we seen Dr. McDreamy before? I know Patrick Dempsey was a young heartthrob, but neither if us can picture the movies we saw him in. I may have to find his fansite. Questions like that keep me awake, you know?


  1. Patrick Dempsey played Reese' fiance (although he didn't get the girl) in Sweet Home Alabama which by the way should get on the top 100 romantic movies. I think he was also in one of the Scream movies and Fast Times in Ridgemont High.


  2. I got books, chocolate and roses for Valentine's Day.

    Patrick Dempsey is really cute. Who was he in RIDGEMONT, Marelou?

  3. I have the complete Janette Oke series that the movies are based on. I have only read the first couple though. The movies air on The Hallmark Channel and there is a third one, but I don't know if it is on DVD yet.

    I love Grey's Anatomy. I love Patrick Dempsey and have for years. More recently he was in Sweet Home Alabama and the tv movie Lucky Seven. His early films include Can't Buy Me Love (where I first remember seeing him) and Lover Boy. He did a few guest spots on tv shows too, such as "Will and Grace" and "Once and Again."

    Why I know all of this, I don't know? I know a lot of pop culture info...not sure why or if it will ever be useful though.

    Oh, and I have no significant other, but I did get cards, chocolate, and stuffed animals from family members for Valentine's Day!

  4. Lover Boy! Is that the one where he's the pizza delivery sex toy for Kirstie Alley???????

  5. Yes Cheryl!!! That is the one. He was a boy toy for several ladies in that film. They would order a pizza and get a lot more. LOL...I remember watching it when I was about 8 and not knowing what was going on...LOL!

  6. MelJ--mea culpa! My daughters just corrected me. Patrick Dempsey was in Fast Times, the TV series not the movie. He played the friend of Spicoli in the series.