Tuesday, February 07, 2006

HEY! YOU! Get off of my cloud!

I went to the mall today, and I noticed a lot of men in the jewelry stores. Way to go, guys! I browsed past one and the salesgirl was showing him diamond earrings. Ooooh.

Big sales and clearances in the department stores. I bought a suit with a skirt and a suit with capri-length pants. Tomorrow I have to find the right pair of shoes to wear with those, however. Got a great purse, too: black with pink trim. I have a two outfits it will match. I am so glad fashion styles are more eclectic than ever. Shoes don't have to match purses and bags, in fact shoes don't even have to "match" the outfit as long as they're the right style. I've always been a mix it up kind of gal, mixing gold and silver before it was in style, and now you throw beads in with them and have it all going. I dug out stuff that was in style back in the 70's and it's fashionable now. Even cooler, because it's "vintage." Who knew?

I have refused to wear some of the comebacks, however, like bell bottoms. Uh uh. been there, did that, let this fad pass without me, thank you. Peasant blouses and skirts are on my list of un-do-ables as well.

Even the hairstyles! I wore a "flip" in junior high! Okay, I'm thinking about that one. But I refuse to set my hair on juice cans. LOL

By the way, for the record, I loved seeing the Stones do the Super Bowl half time. You have to give MJ credit for still having the energy and the moves.


  1. I thought Keith Richards looked pretty good for a man who has been dead for 20 years ;-)

  2. AWK! LOL, Wendy! I kept picturing Jack Sparrow.

  3. LOL Wendy and Cheryl!

    Oh, and I am not much of a shopper...unless it is for books...LOL!

    -Jennifer Y.

  4. oooh..shopping. I took my daughters shopping the other day with my sister-in-law and we both commented on the "new fashions" --remember the 'gaucho' pants? the split skirts with wide legs? they have the long crocheted shirts and the disco shirts -- it's all coming back. makes me wish I kept all those clothes, though i doubt that i'll fit in any of them.


  5. I'm the same, Cheryl. A mix it up type. And, I was getting tattoos and piercings before the craze to do so hit...hard!

    Wow, I said the same thing about the Stones. I would have loved to have been there seeing them live and in living color. MJ looks like he's made of rubber. Yup, he can still move and shake with the best.
    The rest of the band looked the same...like they haven't aged past their aging selves. *G*

  6. I'm the same way Jennifer. I like to shop for books but only do other shopping when I have to!

  7. As we were watching the half-time show my husband and I were both thinking back to when we had seen The Stones in concert.

  8. I do shop for clothes esp. love the sale season. Just yesterday, I went browsing for clothes for my little one. Whew!! they are making clothes just like ours for the 2 year olds, too. I wanted some frocks and all they had were sequined jeans, tops, skirts. My mom was amazed by the collection :)

    As for myself, I am crazy about shoes. I own pairs in all the colours available. I, too, am a mix and match kind of a gal but the shoes and anklets (another quirk of mine) have to be perfect.

    Saw a few boys wearing jewelry - ear studs and bracelets mostly.