Sunday, February 05, 2006

Gearing Up For The Big "V Day"

I've been seeing the cards and candies, the red and white doodads and pink flowers since the day after Christmas, and I'm sure you have too. Yes, the commercialism is a bit too much, but I still love Valentine's Day. I love boxes of chocolates, jewelry and red roses, so shoot me. I'm a hopeless romantic.

I'm putting together a gift buying booklet for men, and I'll give away copies at my booksigning this Saturday. I'd love some input -- your suggestions on a few things.

Not all men are completely clueless about gift buying, so how did those special few get that way? Do they possess a gene the rest of the male population is missing? A really good instruction book I don't know about? Here's the problem: letting the guy know what to get you without making it obvious that you're hinting. Just telling them outright takes away the romance, does it not?

Maybe we're too subtle. We want them to know exactly what we want without us having to say a word. If he knows me, if he really loves me, then he's in tune and knows what pleases me. Am I wrong here? So I drop hints. I leave catalogs around. I make lists. I mention stuff. I point out things I'd like. If the big day comes around and he says he didn't know what I wanted, is it time to hit him over the head?

He should KNOW what kind of woman I am. Perfume or allergies. Chocolate or diet phobic. Real flowers or silk. If he pays attention, he knows this stuff, right?

And here's a real biggie. I want to receive a gift that's something *I* would like, not something he wants me to have. If I'm a flannel jammies gal and he gives me a revealing Victoria's Secret number, I know he has a motive. And his motive wasn't pleasing ME. Worse -- what if that gift makes me think I wasn't sexy enough for him in my T-shirt and lounge pants? See what I mean? He could get himself in real hot water here. On the other hand, what if I am a sexy lingerie gal, so I love that kind of stuff? I'm probably not a perfect size, so do I want him to know my size? Will I be insulted if they're too big? Crushed if they're too small? No wonder guys find gift-giving so complicated.

What about a gift card so that you can buy whatever you want? Does that show his lack of interest? What about a certificate to a spa? Would I think he thinks I hook haggard and need a day of pampering, or will I just accept it at face value and know he wants to pamper me? So many question. So little time left. Do you feel the urgency?

Are there any gifts sure to please? Anything fail safe?

I guess for me it's thoughtfulness. I want something that says he was thinking only of me. Jewelry always does it. Chocolate usually does it.

And once again, no cords, please. Okay, that's just unromantic. 90% of items with cords involve work. “I love you more than life, baby -- and now here’s your new toaster.” See what I mean?

What would please you this valentine's Day?

What's the best Valentine's Day gift you ever received?


  1. "I want to receive a gift that's something *I* would like, not something he wants me to have."

    Great point!!!

    -Jennifer Y.

  2. Well, the best Valentine's present was the marriage proposal. *g* I'm not sure anything beats that.

  3. I would love to have anything that he picked out by himself. That shows that he really knows me, unless you like you said it has a power cord. LOL

  4. I would love to have anything that he picked out by himself. That shows that he really knows me, unless you like you said it has a power cord. LOL

  5. My best Valentine present was in February of 1971, when my boyfriend came home from Vietnam. Four days later--when he was taking way too much time about it--I proposed. Three children, six grands, and 35 years later, it's all working out rather well. :-)

  6. That would be hard to top, Liz. Occasionally I admit to having grandchildren, too. LOL

  7. I think it would be nice if he would take me out to dinner at a place he knows I like. That way there is no pressure on him to find the right gift and we can both enjoy the evening.


  9. My best Valentine's gift was a marriage proposal from my husband. That was 20 years ago and I'd do it all over again today. I wonder if my romance reading addiction didn't help keep the fire burning. haha! I think it did.

  10. My sweet husband surprised me at the school where I workwith spritz cookies which he had spent the day baking after getting the recipe from his mother who made the cookies for him to give to me the first Valentines day that we were dating. Wasn't that romantic? He even cleaned up the kitchen when he was finished!

  11. My most memerable V-Day, would be 1999, flowers and dinner out, because later that year, (Dec 4,) he went to Heaven.
    ps He never gave me anything with a cord, lol

  12. I love a gift that means he cherishes special memories as much as I do. A DVD of the first movie we saw together, a rose on my pillow, it doesn't have to be expensive, just about us.

  13. I'm lucky enough to have a man who is really good at giving gifts. I don't think it's necessarily a gene he possesses that some men are missing - but rather that he grew up with 3 sisters and an extremely overworked mother. He just seems to know how the female mind is wired.

    Best gift? Well lots actually - but the full service English tea set is one of my favorites.

  14. I like books and chocolate for Valentine's Day. I know my fiance will get me these things. He's already started! *G* I also know he'll bring me roses on that day. He brings home roses all the time for no reason other than to make me smile.

  15. Liz: Great story.

    I have never had a Valentine :(