Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Great Christmas Tree Tour Memory Edition: Barb Hunt 2011

As Christmas approaches many of us are missing loved ones. I wanted to share this tree from the 2011 Great Christmas Tree Tour. One of my dearest friends, Barb Hunt participated with a couple of trees that year, but this one exemplifies who she was as a person.

The things that meant the most to her were family ornaments and those her nephews had made her. We hold our memories close and remember our friend/daughter/sister/aunt/niece with love. I lift prayers of encouragement and comfort to all who mark the passing of this first Christmas without her.

This is the tree in the den.  It may be smaller than the tree in the living 
room, but its every bit has important to me.  The majority of the ornaments 
haven't made the 'cut' to go on the big tree for several years.  But how can you 
throw away a Christmas ornament.  Each holds a special memory.  This little tre has in years past been decorated with just Coca Cola Ornaments, Santa ornaments and one year all the ornaments were ones I had received as gifts. This year its kind of a catch-all theme.  Marvin the Martin, Garfield, a couple of Santas, a couple of CocaCola ornaments and three of my most cherished ornaments.  (Up 
close in the middle of tree) 

In the front there is a snowman with Daniel, my nephew who is now 26, and a rocking horse with Andrew, my other nephew who is now 22. 

Twelve or thirteen years ago they thought aunt Barb would like an ornament with their names on them. On the left you can just see a pine cone decked out in globs of glue and red glitter. Andrew made that at church when he was sevenor eight. 

I realized this year's incarnation is what makes me laugh, lets me dream, and those I love that are my world.

Merry Christmas!