Friday, August 24, 2012

A Reader's Bookshelf: Cheryl C.

Cher, this is my keeper shelf.  Now imagine what it looked like a few days ago BEFORE I took off 2 shopping bags worth of books for donation to the local library book sale.

What's left are the books that I just couldn't bear to part with!  My husband said that he couldn't really tell that I had taken anything off, but I assure you that I donated about 80 books.

I am not even going to mention the 2 boxes of books under my bed that my husband doesn't know about!!!  ;-)

Love from a certified bookaholic,
Cheryl C.

Thank you, Cheryl! Loved seeing your bookshelves. 
I see some of mine. :-)


  1. I think this gal could be a close friend of mine, she loves books as much as I do it looks like, I do the same thing books hid away, and still getting more.
    Have a great weekend ladies....

    Paula O(

  2. Thanks, Cher, for posting this. I got a kick out of seeing my pictures here. Yes, there are several of your books on the shelf. My very favorite of yours is The Tenderfoot Bride, an oldie but a goodie.

  3. I love it! When ever my husband sends me into the store to grab a couple of things and waits out in the car because he doesn't want to deal with the crowds I 'll grab a book and slip it in with all the rest. He doesn't even notice. :)