Sunday, July 01, 2012

July is Here: Happy Anniversary!

Today is our wedding anniversary. After church, we're having cake, then later hubby and I are celebrating with a dinner out. For years he has always taken the day off work on our anniversary, and we go to a movie and have lunch and supper together. Since it's Sunday, it's a little different, but still a nice celebration.

And here we are in pictures.

Below is a Polaroid pic that  faded in a collage frame. 
Amazing how many of these old pics are discolored and faded. 
We had been married for three years in this pic. 
My Grandma St.John's afghan is in the background.

When the above photo was taken, we already had three kids. There are hundreds of pictures of our babies and our children, but not many of just the two of us. This was taken at the bowling alley, where we were on leagues for many years.

Above: Here we are all ready for church on a Sunday morning. Getting four kids ready for church was a chore - I don't know how we had time or the wits to snap a pic. Must have been Jennifer or LeighAnn who took the pic. These pics of my hubby with hair are adorable.

Above: This one's awfully blurry. 
We were stuck in a rut with choices for where to take a pic. lol 
All the same sun room.

Above: Ahem. Yes, the fun couple. 
We were always doing a skit or something for a talent night. 
Somewhere I have a pic of us as Dolly and Kenny. 
Wish I could've found that one.


Below: My how time flies...all the pics behind us are our kids and GRANDKIDS!

Teal has always been my favorite color. 

Same chair. Same pose. Years pass...

At the stock car races here. My daughter had her camera along. 
We loved tasting dirt--er--seeing how much the kids all enjoyed it.

We've had one more grandchild added since this photo was taken.
Maybe we'll take a new pic today. I'll post it!

Today kicks off a month-long celebration here on my blog. I have guests and drawings lined up every day. Check back often.


  1. These are great pictures, Cheryl. You were soooo thin!

  2. Have a fabulous anniversary celebration, Cheryl!

  3. Thanks for letting us celebrate with you.

  4. Congratulations, loved the 'faded polaroid', I have some of those too, lol!

  5. What fun, traveling back through time. I'm raising a glass--and some chocolate--for your special day. And of course, for many more!

    Happy anniversary!

  6. Thanks, everyone!

    And yes, Liz...I WAS thin. lol

  7. Love the pictures. Thank you for sharing!

    Happy Anniversary!

  8. Happy anniversary!! Glad I could spend the morning at church with you and Mr. Baldy...oops...I mean Mr. Jay. :-)

  9. Happy Anniversay to you and Jay. Neither of you have done much changing (well except both of your hair styles0 and you have both improved with age. I know you will have many, many more years to go. Sue

  10. Thank you! I will relay the Mr. Baldly comment. :-)

    Sue - I know, my hairstyles change throughout the years of photos--kind of fun.

  11. wow. you are way young there. Congrats on yur Anniversary. My parents will celebrate 50th in July 13th. I wish you and you hubby have blessing day on Anniversary.

  12. Happy Anniversary!! Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

  13. Congrats to you, Cheryl. Was it a very hot day on your wedding day?

  14. Happy Anniversary! It was fun watching the time pass in the photos. In the last picture, do the different colored shirts represent different branches of the family?

  15. COngrats!
    I loved the photos and seeing the years pass.
    The afghan quilt reminds me of the one my grandmother made in the 1930s and now sits on a rocking chair in my dining room. When was yours crocheted?

  16. I will have to ask my mom, Michelle. I hope she still has it, but she didn't keep much when she moved out of her home. I think my aunt Doneta made it, and it was my grandmother's before my mom had it.

  17. Cheryl C you're so clever. There is a different color for each of our children's families.