Sunday, July 22, 2012

Janet Nitsick: Drawing

Let me join in Cheryl St.John's seventh year blogging anniversary by offering two giveaways of my recently-released, historical-romance, Lockets and Lanterns, to celebrate my Aug. 1 birthday and my Aug. 2nd wedding anniversary of 32 years. His secret ... Her broken heart

My youngest autistic son is a joke teller. He recycles the same ones over and over, but you still cannot help but laugh. One of his is "Why doesn't Dracula have any friends?" Answer:  Because he is a pain in the neck.
Do you have examples of how you use humor in your writing? Or tell me your favorite joke.

(Please leave a comment with your email address to be entered in the drawing.)

As Edith marches down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams, she doesn’t know he is hiding a secret. Eighteen years later her husband, Red, must confront his past and reveal a deep family secret before it’s too late.
Edith needs answers about her husband’s past, but will he put his children and career in danger to keep his secret? As tragedy occurs and the couple drifts apart, they must find their love for one another again before they lose each other. Lockets and Lanterns, a gripping tale of love, loss, and forgiveness, takes readers back to the 1900s when life was simpler, but sustaining love was just as difficult.
‘It will tug at [your] heartstrings … with its emotional depth … but you’ll also find yourself smiling.’
—Ruth Ann Nordin, best selling romance author


  1. I love your statement: "Lockets and Lanterns, a gripping tale of love, loss, and forgiveness, takes readers back to the 1900s when life was simpler, but sustaining love was just as difficult." I've heard from a video series once and it's stayed with me and I share it at bridal showers, " It's easy to fall in love but it takes work to stay in love." Your book sounds like an interesting read.

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  2. I agree that humor can make all the difference. I, too, have a son with autism (my middle child, he's 10). And although it's taken him all 10 years to practice his jokes...sometimes he gets some hysterical ones. He works hard on the whole humor thing--because he has trouble understanding how some things are funny. It's all in the double meanings and he see things in black and white--or one meaning.

    So, even though the "Knock knock, who's there, elephant, elephant who...A GIANT elephant is in my house" will never truly be funny, I laugh at my boy who continues to try and try. And I celebrate when he gets it right.

    coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com

  3. Hello Janet, I had this book not long ago and enjoyed reading, you tell a good tale. The secret was good part of book and how you wrote it "just right".
    dont put me in the drawing -just wanted to say Hi...
    Paula O(

  4. Love reading and would love to have this book. It sounds ssooo good. Really hoping I'll win. :)
    Amanda Williams

  5. Lockets and Lanterns sounds like a very interesting story.

  6. Looks like an intriguing story

  7. Your book "Lockets and Lanterns" sounds very interesting. Love, heartache, romance doesn't matter if it was in the 1900s or in the present it's all the same. People are human, we make mistakes, and most regret what they have done. I know for a fact some people do keep secrets, maybe not so dark, but they still don't what it told no matter what. I always say, it's better to get it out in the open so that way you can deal with it. I like what I read so far of your book, it's reminds me that it doesn't matter what century we are all the same in everyday like. Donna Harris

  8. I would very much like to win your book "Lockets and Lanterns". It sounds like an interesting and intriguing story. I will be looking forward to reading your book either way, as I will purchase it if I am not a winner. Thank you for this offer.
    Donna McCoy