Monday, July 16, 2012

Connie Stevens: Kitty Asks the Hard Questions and a Drawing!

We are speaking today with Sweet Pea Stevens, owner of Connie Stevens, author. Sweet Pea lives in north Georgia and has shared her home with a writer all her life.

Sweet Pea, how did you come to be the owner of your human, Connie Stevens?
I was a very tiny kitten when my human found me abandoned. She took me home and cared for me. As soon as I was old enough, I took charge of the household. Now that I own the place, I graciously allow my humans to live there with me. After all, they have thumbs and can open cat food cans.

What is it like to own a human who is a writer?
Most of the time it’s all right. She sits at her computer a lot and sometimes I have to put her in Time Out. I jump up on the desk and get between her and the computer so she has to take time to pet me. If I didn’t do that, who knows how long she would sit there? The nice thing is that she is home most of the time, so I get to be with her every day—until she drags the suitcase out. I hate suitcases. They usually mean my human is going to leave me. She calls it going on a research trip. Sometimes she goes to visit other writers, and those writers have cats! When she comes home, she has foreign cat scent all over her! Hmmph!!

What do you do all day while your human writes?
Sometimes I nap on a nearby chair, but quite often I sit beside her computer and proofread what she is typing. If she goes too long without cuddling me, I get in her face and meow very insistently. One time when she was working, I told her she needed to add a cat to the story. I mean, what’s a story without a cat in it? So she did.

Does your human brainstorm her stories with you?
I don’t know what that means, but sometimes she talks while she is working. One day she said, “What am I going to do with you?” and at first I thought she was talking to me, so I rubbed my whiskers against her arm and purred. Then I realized she was talking to the people in the computer—she calls them her characters. I guess they were doing something that annoyed her. I offered to let her pet me. That usually calms her down.

Didn’t your human just have a book release?
Yes. I remember the day the big box arrived. She opened it and started wooohooo-ing and dancing around. I hid in the closet so I wouldn’t get my tail stepped on.

What is the title?
It’s Harvest of Hope. It’s the second book my human has written about the north Georgia mountains. The first one was Heart of Honor. The third one is coming out later this year. That one is Harbinger of Healing.

Can you tell us what the story is about?
There are always humans in her stories, and as I said, sometimes I can talk her into putting a cat in one of her stories. But this story had the strangest animals I’d ever seen in it. My human called them sheep. Ridiculous-looking creatures all covered with curly white fur. They don’t even meow! They bleat. What’s up with that?

See those white hairy critters on the book cover? Those are sheep. 

Anyway, it seems one human named Colton was a farmer and had a bunch of sheep. He met a fancy lady by the name of Auralie, and they really liked each other. But I guess humans who work outside in the dirt and raise sheep aren’t allowed to be friends with rich, fancy humans. Like Colton said, they come from two different worlds. It’s kind of like me and the neighbor’s cat. Wishbone was very good looking, but he was an outside kitty. He’d come over and look in the window at me, but I’m an indoor kitty and I don’t like to go outside. Wishbone and I never did share a sprig of catnip.

Didn’t Auralie like Colton’s sheep?
Oh, she liked them all right, although I can’t figure out why. All they do is eat grass and bleat. Isn’t that the silliest word? Bleat? They aren’t the least bit dignified like cats. The baby sheeps are kind of cute, though. In fact, Auralie got to help a mama sheep give birth.

Oh my, that sounds exciting. Can you tell us about that?
Well, my human doesn’t like it if I give away too much about the story, but I can tell you this much: after the baby sheeps got borned, Auralie and Colton sat under a shady tree, and I think that’s when they…you know…fell in love. **blushing**

Haven’t you ever fallen in love, Sweet Pea?
Well, there is one special kitty. His name is Clyde Whiskers Sawyer. He owns Kim Sawyer. She’s a writer too. Clyde sure is a handsome cat and I like him a whole bunch. He and I are Facebook furrends, but I sure would like to meet him whisker to whisker some day. **puuurrrr**

Do you think you and Clyde will ever share a sprig of catnip?
Oooooh, I hope so. I’d even share my favorite mousie with him.

Connie Stevens writes historical romance and published or contracted seven books with Heartsong Presents/Barbour. When she isn’t writing she can be found working in her garden or prowling around in antique shops. She lives in north Georgia with her husband of thirty-nine years and Sweet Pea, the feline queen of the Stevens household. 

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  1. pam clark clarkland@comcast.netMonday, July 16, 2012 8:44:00 AM

    Hey, Connie! Your books sound wonderful. God has really blessed you. We have a dog, Rosi, here in clarkland. She's my dog but Henry is HER human. I keep trying to explain to her that there's just one diva in clarkland and it's Mama. She's semi-patient when I'm practicing like it seems Sweet Pea is when you're writing :).

    Love you!......... Pam Clark -

  2. Hi Sweet Pea and Connie,

    I have always said that I am owned by 12 1/2 year old West Highland Terrrier named Blithe. She thinks she the boss of my house and when we travel to my mother's (her Nana) she thinks that is her vacation home.

    Thank you Sweet Pea for the great blog and the contest. My email is

  3. Sweet Pea, What a lovely interview. Thanks for sharing all about your human's book. I kinda like sheep--I lived on one of those ranches when I was a little girl.

    You might like the king of our household. Goku is quite a handsome fellow, all decked out in his tuxedo. But I don't think he's on facebook yet. :)

  4. Love it. Dear Sweet Pea, my name is Toby. I'm a gray butterfly tabby and I also own a writer. Her name is Charlene Raddon. I know exactly what you mean about having to get up in front of the monitor in order to get some attention. Humans! But what would we do without them? Dig in garbage cans and sleep in mud? Not for me. Enjoyed meeting you, Sweet Pea. Sounds like you have a nice human. I'm going to tell my human to buy her books. Bye.

  5. Sweet Pea has to be the smartest cat ever!

  6. Hey Sweet Pea my name is Baby. I have a human too. She is nice most of the time, but I can relate to you about the computer. She isn't a writer, but she's on it alot. Try walking across the keyboard. (Oh and make sure you step on some of those wierd keys she doesn't know what to do with. Makes her crazy.) I don't think she has read any of your books, but she does read alot. I think she would enjoy your book. Cats rock!

  7. Sweet Pea, it was so much fun to meet you today. I also liked learning about your human, Connie.

    Would love to read her book.
    coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com

  8. I've fallen behind on Cheryl's anniversary posts, but I just loved this one! I'm going after that book, too. Thank you, Sweet Pea, and I have a large black cat named Gabe I'm sure you'

  9. I loved, loved the interview with Sweet Pea! Your books sound awesome and I'd loved to be entered to win.

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  10. Love Sweet Pea! So intellegent! Don't remember ever reading one of Connie's books but will be looking for them and would love to start with one that I won.


  11. thanks for chance to win

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  12. This looks like a good book. Thank you for the chance to win.

    griperang at embarqmail dot com

  13. I love it!! I laughted so hard reading about Sweet Pea. Isn't that the truth they sure do own us. But I have a cat and dog that owns me. Your new book Harvests of Hope sound really interesting, have to read it. Donna Harris

  14. Enter me!
    God Bless!
    Sarah Richmond

  15. I love this interview with Sweet Pea! I'm on the computer and my cat sleeps in the chair with me or on my lap, until she decides to lay down on the keyboard! I would love the book and the sheep to go on my desk at work! He wouldn't be lonely. I have a cow there, too. And a shark, and a turtle, and little ducks, and an alligator carrying a pail. I'm not sure why he's carrying the pail, though. Thanks for a great interview and a chance to win a copy of Harvest of Hope.
    tscmshupe at pemtel dot net

  16. Sweet Pea, Clyde is eager to share a sprig of catnip with you someday, too. But it can't involve a car ride. Clyde doesn't DO car rides... Good interview!