Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Mary D

Mary says:
"The main tree seems to contain a lot of Husker ornaments - wonder how that happened ;) The rest are mostly ornaments we've collected here and there. Almost all of them have a memory and a story."

"The other tree is in my daughter's room. This tree was the one I bought when she was a toddler so it was short enough to be put on a table, out of reach. Now that she's older we have the larger tree in the living room, so she puts this one up in her room and puts her ornaments on it. She also has the tiny tree which was a project with her Grandma a couple years ago."

I love your daughter's room with those bright pink curtains, Mary! It looks like a perfect room for a princess. Thank you for sharing your Christmas trees with us!

My friend Mary's a great photographer and a helpful geek--er--techie. Visit her blog here: http://marysramble.blogspot.com

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