Monday, December 07, 2009

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Margaret Moore

No, it's not a tree. Margaret is currently swamped with moving things - furniture in - furniture out - but she found time to do a little Christmas decorating. Her kitty, The Count, is not impressed with her efforts. But we like the snowmen, Margaret. Thanks for sharing a holiday moment.

The beauty...and the beast

Lady Roslynn knows not what to expect of her future husband, the infamous "Bear of Brecon." Offered in marriage to the powerful Welsh lord by the king, Roslynn fears the worst. She has no right to hope for a love match, but in her heart the lady dreams of a home and family of her very own....

One look at Lord Madoc of Llanpowell makes her blood run hot. The rugged warrior proves a passionate lover and attentive husband -- but too soon turns cold and aloof. And when secrets from Madoc's past threaten to take him away from his bride, Roslynn knows their future together is at stake. Can she uncover the truth beneath her warlord's armor and lay siege to his heart?


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  1. Cutest cat I ever seen , love to sits by good ole christmas days... Her book sound like a good book to read.