Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Margaret Brownley

"This is the time of year that most kiddies are thinking about what Santa will bring. Not so in our family. My grandkiddies can't wait to see what kind of crazy tree grandma will come up with this year."

A Lady Like Sarah
Margaret Brownley
December 2009
Thomas Nelson Publisher
ISBN: 9781595548092

She’s an outlaw: he’s a preacher.
Both are in need of a miracle.

Margaret is the newest Filly in Wildflower Junction over at Petticoats and Pistols, and we're proud as punch to have her with us. I was fortunate enough to fall into rooming with Margaret at a Romantic Times convention in Nashville when my very first book was out, and she was a font of information and inspiration. She holds a tender spot in my heart as one of my very first published friends and one of the kindest people I've ever met.

Thanks so much for sharing your cactus tree with us, Margaret. You're a clever one, you are.

Preacher JUSTIN WELLS leaves Boston in disgrace, heading out alone on the dusty trail to Texas. But when the once-respected clergyman encounters a feisty redhead in handcuffs with a dying U.S. Marshal at her side, his journey takes a dramatic turn. When he promises the injured lawman to take his prisoner to Texas, Justin has no idea the trouble that lies ahead. The slightly-built prisoner turns out to be SARAH PRESCOTT—sister of the notorious Prescott brothers—and she’s determined to miss the hanging party waiting for her in Texas.

But escaping proves to be tougher than she thought. Justin doesn’t own a gun and hasn’t the foggiest idea how to survive the wilderness. How can she leave him alone with the injured marshal?

Nothing is more sacred to Justin than a promise made to a dying man, but how can he turn the blue-eyed beauty over to the hangmen? She’s tough as leather, but there’s something about her that is pure and good.

Justin can’t bear to lose her, but how can a simple preacher fight an entire town? And how can either one of them know that miracles come in many guises—including love?


  1. I love that tree. Seriously love it.

    And holy cow - does that book sound GOOD!

  2. Margaret's husband, George, photographed that "tree"--and he's as nice as she is! His photography really impressed me. Margaret's upcoming book, A LADY LIKE SARAH also impresses me, since I've been lucky enough to get an advance read. It's even better than it sounds, which is a big order! Sarah and Justin are a couple you won't forget. Enjoy!

  3. Hey, Wendy! Have you read any of Margaret's westerns? Wind Song is my favorite.

    Thank you, Lee, and thanks for stopping by to see the latest tree on the tour!

  4. You know Cheryl, I never have. She's one of those authors I just missed. I didn't get back into romance until 1999, and it looks like a number of Margaret's secular western romances were published mid-1990s.

    A Lady Like Sarah got a nice mention in Library Journal, so I'll order that one for work :) And I'll definitely be looking for Wind Song. Wowsers, very little clothing on that book cover! LOL

  5. << A Lady Like Sarah got a nice mention in Library Journal, so I'll order that one for work >>

    Margaret will be delighted! I am too.

  6. Wow, a lady like Sarah sounds like a really different type of story!! What a tree too!

  7. Your house (?) looks lovely, Cheryl. And the cactus tree is great, Margaret! Good luck with sales for A Lady Like Sarah. Sounds like a winner!

  8. I love that cactus Christmas tree! So clever. A Lady Like Sarah is great. Sarah is such a different kind of heroine, and the hero is so out of his element. It was fun watching them both squirm. I highly recommend it.

  9. That is a great tree, my grandkids are waiting to see what I put up this year also as I have not put one up in years, we have been going to different home each year to do our Christmas, so I decided we would do it here this year if we can get everyone in my house. Mine is going to be a live cedar and with all home made (by me) ornaments.
    Please enter me into the contest for the book, and may God bless


  10. Totally cool tree, Margaret. And the book is sounds awesome.