Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Charlene Sands

Here's how Charlene describes her trees:
The Best Fake Tree Ever: It's always perfect and lit! It sits in our Living Room where we open presents on Christmas morning.

A Bit of Nostalgia: This is our "remember when" tree, bringing my hubby and me back to our childhood. It's decorates our TV/family room!

For Texas Cattleman’s Club member Kevin Novak, failure is not an option.

And his about-to-be ex-wife will discover that the hard way!

No one walked away from this Texas mogul…especially not his wife! So when Cara chose to leave rather than play second fiddle to his company, Kevin plotted his revenge. Four years later, she returned, intent on finalizing their divorce. But Cara had no clue that Kevin had constructed the perfect payback plan. It’s a wager she can’t refuse. The divorce would be official...if she agreed to one last week of playing house. And nothing would be off-limits.

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Thanks for sharing your trees, Charlene! Smooches.

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