Thursday, December 24, 2009

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Ann Stephens

Ann says: At our house, the tree is often referred to as The World's Largest Cat Toy. Our two felines have hours of fun sitting under it and batting at the pretties. Pictured is Star, our Siamese mix. (I think the other half is moose.) We put our tree up later, in December, and leave it up until Twelfth Night, January 6th. When I was a girl, my mom gave my sisters and me a new ornament each year, which we took with us when we moved out. I continue the tradition for my hubby and girls. The only theme is our interests, so dance ornaments hang beside skates, teapots and my hubby's Star Trek ornaments. I still have the angel that topped the little tree in my parents' apartment in Munich, Germany for my first Christmas, as well as some of my Dad's ornaments from the 1940s. He says I get more excited about them than he ever did, lol.

To be Seduced
Kensington Zebra
February 2010

Desperate for funds to care for his sister, Lord Richard Harcourt kidnaps a country heiress. But beneath her meek, prim exterior, Richard discovers a shrewd and exciting temptress he can’t resist. After a night alone with her captor, Bethany Dallison knows she must wed him to protect her reputation. However, the quick-witted beauty is determined to turn the situation to her own advantage. Unfortunately, success depends on her ability to withstand the seductive kisses of a rake she finds all too desirable. As their nuptials approach, Bethany finds her resolve melting under his caresses, while Richard finds that fortune is the last thing on his mind.


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