Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Garden Photos

I went out to take pics of my gardens this morning, and it's so incredibly hot and humid that my glasses and my camera lens fogged up!


My trumpet vine took four attempts at a start and then three years to get it this size. Last year was the first year it bloomed and this year it's gearing up to be beautiful. I think it might need pruned, because it's growing straight up off the top of the gate arbor, but I didn't have the heart. It grows on the arbor that Jay built as a gateway into our sideyard.

So far the daisies are just beginning to open. They didn't come back as full and wild as previous years. The winter must have tsken a toll on them. I'll split them in the fall and spread them out, though, and they'll come back fine.

This clematis grows on the arbor that Jay made in the back yard. It has taken a good four years to get tall and full. I see people who have them blooming over their mailboxes in early spring, but ours doesn't bloom until June. The white one is already finished, but this one is in its heyday. The morning glories should take over when this one begins to wane. They're still climbing the other trellis on the opposite side.

In this pic you can see my thistle feeder bag. The finches love it. In the early morning and in the evening, our backyard is filled with robins, goldfinches and purple finches, mourning doves, sparrows and starlings. Last night there were narrow-bodied black birds with smallish red heads - I haven't identified those yet. We live between a lake and forested area and a creek, so that helps us attract birds.

Above spiderwort and buttercups - the color combination takes my breath away.

These tiger lilies are in the side yard, which often resembles a wild jungle. But we like it that way. In the spring, when we walk through the gate and down the side, the scent of lilacs is heavenly.

It's not butterfly season yet, but soon I'll be posting butterflies. I grow a garden beneath my front windows to attract them.

If you want ideas to reuse things and spice up your yard, check out Fast and Fabulous Ways to Decorate Your Garden over at Better Homes and Gardens website.


  1. So pretty I can not grow anything but I am not an outside person so that probably is why, can't grow a garden in the house.

    May God bless


  2. It's hot and humid here in Georgia, too!

    I love all the colors and varieties of flowers that you have in your yard. I think the tiger lillies are my favorite.

    Cheryl C.

  3. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous.
    The trumpet vine is huge!

  4. My goodness, what an amazing yard! Thank you for the pictures!

  5. I wish my yard looked like that. The weeds have about taken over all of my flowers this year because I have been working on my kitchen and haven't had time to mess with them. I can bearly keep the lawn mowed, because it has rain so much here, its to wet to mow. I mowed part of the lawn today but the rest of it had puddles of water standing.

  6. Cheryl your yard is beautiful I don't think there is one flower out there that you don't have in the yard. It makes me feel very happy to see all the pictures when you post them keep up the good work.

  7. Thanks for being a regular visitor, Edna!

  8. Cheri, I like how tiger lilies spread on their own!

  9. Hey, Penney!

    Estella, I got the start for my trumpet vine from our friends, but it took three times to get one that took. Finally Bob dug me a piece with a really long root and I left it in water for a couple of weeks and it grew more roots - then Inn planted it. Theirs grows up their three story house to the eaves!

  10. Thank you, Magdelena!

    Virginia, I was discussing yards with authors from other parts of the country and some down south have slugs on their plants frm alal the moisture!

  11. Glad you enoy the flowers, Brenda. I think I need a few more to attreact the butterflies, though. :-)

  12. hi Cheryl, what a fantastic green thumb you have! Gorgeous garden!