Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Any So You Think You Can Dance Fans?

I just love this show better than Dancing With the Stars because these dancers are real and hungry. Watching shows like last night's is such a delight - two hours of spectacular performance without all the interviewing and judging in between. It moves faster, and the dancing is incredible because of the styles you get to see.

They were all fabulous! I can't imagine who will go home. The ones who are not always my faves (like the short couple) the judges rave about, so... I was totally enthralled. I loved the Bollywood. (Remember Katie from last year?) Caitlin is one of my faves - - was it you *lizzie Starr who didn't care for her? Isn't it funny how our tastes differ? The ballerina is beautiful, and though I'm not a ballet fan, their pairing and choreography was amazing. All the choreography was great.

I don't want anyone to go home.
Did you hear that Twitch is in the new Step Up movie? I swear I've see him in Hairspray.

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  1. I am so glad to see you blogging about this show, Cheryl, because I love it! I also like Dancing with the Stars, but what I like about it is the professional dancers. They are fantastic! And Louis Van Amstel choreographed two numbers last night.

    This show is so much better than American Idol in my opinion. For one thing, the dancers work so hard - and have for many years. I doubt they'll have time for Ford commercials in the coming weeks!

    I enjoyed all the routines last night, some more than others, though. I don't like hip hop, but I liked the first one because it told a story.