Thursday, June 11, 2009

Anita Mae Draper on iDB Datamaster

Meet my Canadian friend, Anita Mae. She calls herself a wreader, because she's a reader and a writer. She actively writes for three blogs and visits many more on a regular basis. She came up with great advice for password storage that some of you will find helpful.

I’ve found the ultimate password keeper. It’s small, efficient, and secure. I’m talking about an application for my iPod Touch (iPhone). And if you don’t have a Touch, maybe this post will get you researching similar ways you can keep your multitude of passwords at your fingertips.

This post is the result of something Cheryl wrote months ago where she blogged about having a book with pages of passwords. I had a similar book. And it was becoming increasingly difficult to find certain passwords quickly. My research lead me to several applications for the Touch, both free and otherwise. The main problem I found was that most of them stored my passwords in a virtual vault requiring internet access. This wasn’t acceptable to me since I don’t always have internet access.

I believe iDB Datamaster is the perfect application for this purpose. You need a password to access the database, but once in, everything is there at the touch of your finger. Quick. Easy. Efficient. You can encrypt your password and credit card info and mark those databases as admin-only. The application uses a web-server for backup and recovery which is done via WiFi with your desktop. Just remember to shut down the server when you’re done and your info is secure. It’s stored there on your computer instead of in some virtual vault where you can’t always access it.

I started with the free version of iDB. I liked it but it’s limited to one database. I needed more (to carry booklists, etc). There are US 7.99 and 12.99 versions. Because I didn’t want limitations, I sprang for the full price and haven’t been disappointed. Not only do I use it for passwords, etc, but also for a vehicle log, journal, to do list, notebook, and lots more. So yes, there might be better applications out there, but iDB is the most comfortable for me.


  1. Great idea, Anita Mae! I keep a
    little notebook but I am always
    concerned that I will misplace it.

    Pat Cochran

  2. Thanks, Pat. Yeah, I gotta admit I used to misplace my 'password' book but I always know where my iPod is - probably because it has my agenda, To do list, etc so I'm always using it. Plus, it's easier to remember where I put something that's worth a couple hundred dollars.

    Cheryl, thanks for inviting me to post. It's always a pleasure to work with you. I'm really getting excited about you guesting on Saturday with the Prairie Chicks. :)