Monday, December 29, 2008

Visitors from all over the world!

Between July and December of this year, people from each of the following countries have visited my blog. They are listed in order of the most visitors to the fewest.

USA - United States
CA - Canada
GB - United Kingdom
JP - Japan
AU - Australia
DE - Germany
FR - France
PH - Philippines
IN - India
IT - Italy
NL - Netherlands
MX - Mexico
FI - Finland
BR - Brazil
BE - Belgium
ES - Spain
TR - Turkey
PL - Poland
ZA - South Africa
GR - Greece
RU - Russian Federation
TH - Thailand
SE - Sweden 24
SG - Singapore
HU - Hungary
NZ - New Zealand
CH - Switzerland
NO - Norway
AR - Argentina
IE - Ireland
MY - Malaysia
ID - Indonesia
RO - Romania
SA - Saudi Arabia
CN - China
AT - Austria
IL - Israel
DK - Denmark
PT - Portugal
VN - Vietnam
CZ - Czech Republic
HR - Croatia
AE - United Arab Emirates
RS - Serbia
KR - Korea, Republic of
CO - Colombia
IR - Iran, Islamic Republic of
PE - Peru
VE - Venezuela
PA - Panama
HK - Hong Kong
EE - Estonia
SK - Slovakia
BG - Bulgaria
SI - Slovenia
UA - Ukraine
PK - Pakistan 6
CL - Chile 6
PR - Puerto Rico
EG - Egypt
JM - Jamaica
TT - Trinidad and Tobago
TW - Taiwan
LV - Latvia
EC - Ecuador
EU - Europe
LB - Lebanon
BB - Barbados
DZ - Algeria
MK - Macedonia
MU - Mauritius
BA - Bosnia and Herzegovina
GE - Georgia
GT - Guatemala
IS - Iceland
DO - Dominican Republic
VI - Virgin Islands, U.S.
UG - Uganda
CI - Cote D'Ivoire
HT - Haiti
TG - Togo
GH - Ghana
KW - Kuwait
NI - Nicaragua
JO - Jordan
HN - Honduras
RE - Reunion
UY - Uruguay
LT - Lithuania
CY - Cyprus
SV - El Salvador
GU - Guam
SR - Suriname
BY - Belarus
BO - Bolivia
BH - Bahrain
NG - Nigeria
QA - Qatar
AN - Netherlands Antilles
BZ - Belize
YE - Yemen
MA - Morocco
TN - Tunisia
GI - Gibraltar
PS - Palestinian Territory
BS - Bahamas
KG - Kyrgyzstan
CR - Costa Rica
BJ - Benin
DJ - Djibouti
GD - Grenada
AW - Aruba
BM - Bermuda
LK - Sri Lanka

Pretty amazing, isn't it? Thanks to everyone who visited my blog this year. I appreciate you.

If you're from one of these countries, please leave a comment and say hi, telling us where you're from.


  1. Hey there! USA here- Kentucky to be specific.

  2. Hi Taryn! Happy New Year to you in Kentucky!

  3. Also USA-Washington State. Happy New Year to you all. Cheryl--I knew you were Miss Popularity but WOW!

  4. Hi Betsy! I tried to google some snow pictures of Spokane, but I didn't do too well at finding them at the news stations.

  5. AND - I was pleased that when my site report came in this morning, the visits to my blog didn't suffer over Christmas, which I thought they would since everyone is so busy. So thank you to my faithful visitors!

  6. Hi everybody!
    I'm from Belgium, a little town called Zottegem (translated that would be something like "crazytown" :P

    How cool to know where your visitors come from!

  7. Stephanie, how great to hear from you and know you're visiting from Belgium. (Did you have a Christmas tree? I didn't get a photo!)

    I would love to have a photo from you one of these days soon. I will post it for the others to enjoy. It's very cool to know you.

    They could translate my home Crazytown, too, though it's actually named after an Indian tribe and has nothing to do with being crazy-- except for the people who live here. LOL

    I loved hearing the translation.

  8. Hi Cheryl, Fellow Nebraskan here. Loved seeing all the countries listed.

  9. Hi Cheryl, Fellow Nebraskan here. Loved seeing all the countries listed.

  10. Hey Cheryl - I live in Southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada.

    Don't know where that is? I'm just a couple hrs north of Divide County in the NW corner of North Dakota.

  11. Hi from Finland!
    It always amuses me to see the list of all those countries and then... EU - Europe, like it would be a one country!

  12. Do you say uf da, Anita? My husband's aunt says it all the time.

    It is odd, Minna that EU is used to cover so many countries!

  13. Hell-oooooooo Connie, in faraway western Nebraska. LOL

  14. Well, just to mention a few, GB, DE, FR, IT, NL, FI, BE, ES are all part of Europe.

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