Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Ho-Down

In case you ever wondered what I do on Friday nights.....
Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Now you know!


  1. I love these elf cards Cheryl. We've been snowed in for 5 days now so it's great entertainment. 36 inches of snow Wed. & Thursday. 4 on Friday. 5 yesterday and 7 so far today with 3 more predicted by tomorrow morning. PLUS-just to make sure its a white Christmas...More snow Tues & Wednesday this week! Oh Goody! Just to recap 52 inches of snow in 5 days!!!! YUCK! Bah Humbug!

    I'm coming to Omaha in January. Please tell me it's better there!

  2. It's far better than 52 inches of snow! We have a few inches and a little ice remaining, but we're getting around just fine. It's betterly cold, and that's probably the worst of it.

    Today my mom is Erin's model for a perm at cosmetology school, so I have to go give her a ride home. It involves driving from the outer southwest corner of the city to the southeast corner, to the northeast corner and then back home...but oh well.

    LeighAnn took her and she drove in from Blair to do it - very very northwest.


  3. I love the video but Cheryl, could you confirm who all the pics are?


  4. Poor Betsy! That's a whole lotta snow.

    I should mention that it the summer we wear our daisy dukes :) to dance in the barn.

  5. Anita, these are the friends I meet with every Friday night, and we critique each other's stories. They are Barb, Donna, *lizzie and Sherri.

    Debra is another who comes on occasion. Other critique partners who are a part of the group, but are long distance are Bernadette and Chris, both of whom moved out of state.

  6. Tell Barb that you two have never looked better. LOL!

    Must say it's a little nicer in TX. They are freezing their southern rears off at 40 degrees, but today it's supposed to be up to 60+. I'm thinking of wearing shorts--hmmm, can't wait to go in the hot tub!

    Enjoy the cold, I'm thinking of you.

  7. Wow - I'm sure you work very hard on Friday nights but it's nice to see you all let loose!

    Yee haw!

    Thanks, Cheryl.

  8. We did our Elf Dance video with the Charleston this year, and every time I watch it I laugh until I cry; my 5-year old grandson laughs hysterically, too. My husband almost split a seam laughing. I think they are better than they were last year, because there were more dance choices and they last longer. I wish I lived next door to you; it was about 80 degrees here in Florida on Christmas day. Talk about depressing. We're going to my son's in Michigan next year!

    Susan Manchester
    Jacksonville, FL

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