Monday, December 29, 2008

(DON'T) Let it Snow!

Oh, by gosh, by golly!

I asked Betsy to sed me a picture of the snow. Here's what she says:

"So far in the past 13 days we have recieved almost 60 inches of snow at our house. I just came in from snowblowing another 10 inches we got just this morning. I'm not sure when we moved to the North Pole, but here we are in Spokane, WA. So far, the weather forecasters haven't predicted one storm correctly. Today was only supposed to be 3 inches.

Yesterday we had to pay roofers to shovel 4 foot off of our roof. Roofs have been collapsing all around town. Even though ours in a fairly new house, 4 foot of snow is a lot of weight. The picture is one I took a couple of days ago, BEFORE the last two storms. So.....Omaha is better, right. We're scheduled to arrive on January 10 and I'm looking forward to some balmy midwest weather like I grew up with... yeah right!"


  1. Hey Cheryl - usually, we have lots of snow here on the prairies, but not this year. I didn't know where it went until I saw the photo on your blog. :-)

    Almost every farm here has a ski-doo and the guys are getting antsy this year without enough snow cover to make a good run. Can't even trust the ditches this year.

    My daughter is visiting from Vancouver and complaining there isn't even enough snow for cross-country skiing. She's due to fly back to Vancouver tomorrow but is cringing. Her boyfriend phoned last night as said he walked to the store and the snow was up to his knees.

    In Vancouver, BC? It never snows in Vancouver - only rains all winter - it's the hot spot of Canada. Do they even own snow boots and snow plows in Vancouver?

    Mixed up world, eh?

  2. Hi Anita:
    My daughter lives in Portland, OR where they might get a small dusting of snow in a normal year. This year however she's been snowed in twice already and the last time lasted 5 days. The city was shut down. Something is really wrong this year.

  3. And I'm always amazed by those people who actually LIKE snow!! My friend Renee loves snow and has missed it since she moved to Georgia. I'm a thinkin I could live without, but here it is moisture for the farmers.

  4. All I can say is WOW! That is a LOT of snow.

    When I lived up in Central Ky, it wasn't uncommon to have a few good snows with maybe a foot to three, but now that I live down in Southern Ky, I miss it...we've barely had a skiff of snow so far and I feel like it's one of the things from my childhood that my daughter and stepson are missing out on.

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