Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas Tree Tour

I do have my tree up. On Saturday Jay helped me dig out the boxes from our storage room. Elijah helped me decorate for a couple of hours. It took the whole day, so he actually lasted quite a while. He loves getting out the ornaments and discovering them - once he's seen them all, he's outta there.

Last year I did Santa, so I did my Victorian theme this year. These decorations are stored in six totes and twice as many boxes. Not little ones, either. I used every last strand of gold and pearl bead garland that I had - and it was plenty, trust me. The floor is groaning under the weight of this baby. So far I haven't located the tree skirt I want to use...so I'm going to tease you with little snippets until I do. Here's one of my favorite decorations.


  1. Cheryl, you tease! Your tree is lovely. Or...your snippets of tree *are* lovely. Looking forward to the great unveiling!

    I, of course, haven't even cleared a space for our tree yet.

  2. Beautiful Cheryl. Can't wait to see the entire tree.