Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tree Tour: Michelle Styles

Today we get a peek in the home of Michelle Styles! I confess Michelle's tree is always one of my very favorites. She has it in her sun room, and her photos always show a lot of detail. I love the wood floors. the windows, everything. Michelle told me she moved her lovely grapevine to the greenhouse.

Michelle says:
"This year's tree has ornaments stretching back to my childhood. The great thing about decorating a tree is renewing my acquaintance with ornaments. For example, the hummingbird ornament which was savaged by the cats when they were young -- still hung high even though I think their days of scaling trees is over or the mice ornaments that I bought just before I moved over to the UK or the sprayed walnuts that the children and I did the first year we moved here.

"So many memories, but each Christmas brings new ones so I always like getting ornments as well."

Thank you for the pleasure, Michelle!
Visit Michelle's website and learn about her books here.

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