Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Tree Tour: Donna Alward

Here's a alovely addition to the tour, sent by Donna Alward.
Donna says:
"I suppose since I tend to write traditional type stories, there should be lots of traditions for my tree. The tree skirt I quilted myself. The ornaments – well now, that’s a mix. Some are from a set the husband and I bought on our honeymoon, at a Costco in St. Johns, Newfoundland. Others are ones I’ve had since my childhood. Every time we travel, we pick one up and bring it home as a reminder of our adventures- there are ones from Disneyworld, Las Vegas and London. Some are keepsakes that have come our way, and many are ones I’ve made with my kids sitting around the kitchen table – the favourite being the white and gold bead wreaths we made 2 years ago.

"Each year the kids get a personalized ornament in their stocking. When they leave the nest, they will already have a box of keepsake ornaments to take with them to remind them of home. I get sad just thinking about it.

"This year the tree is in our new house, and in the family room which also has a fireplace that I adore. It is a warm, festive feeling place and I love spending time there. It feels exactly like Christmas should feel. Warm, happy and blessed.

"I certainly hope yours is."

Thank you, Donna! We wish you a lovely Christmas, too, and we enjoyed seeing your tree.



  1. Love your 'memory' tree, Donna. So that's what your new house looks like, eh? Nice details and colours.

    You honeymooned on 'The Rock'? That's precious. I've never considered Newfoundland as a honeymoon destination.

    But then, we were both in the CAF and didn't go on a 'proper' honeymoon for years after we were married.

    Cheryl, thank you so much for posting Donna's Christmas tree.

  2. Cheryl,

    Just a note to let you know how much
    I've enjoyed all the Christmas trees!
    And I wanted to thank you for the
    lovely Christmas card. I was touched
    by your taking the time in your busy
    life to send a card! God bless!

    Pat Cochran

  3. You're welcome, Pat. Thanks for letting me know how much you've enjoyef seeing the trees. Me too!

    And you're welcome, Anita! MY pleasure!

  4. Hi Anita! And yes, we honeymooned on the rock. In November. We were going to do New England but the exchange rate was awful. I'd never been to NF, so we hopped in the car and went for a week. We had a marvelous time. Went hiking in Gros Morne, spent 4 days in St. Johns, and had a very rough crossing coming back!

    Cher, thanks for including my tree in the tour. Looks pretty dull compared to, well, PRAGUE. LOL

  5. Beautiful tree Donna. I had the same tradition with my kids too. Each year I made them an ornament and this past year our last child left home. Our tree looked pretty bare. A few tears were shed as I decorated. One of the ornaments still on our tree is a manger scene I got in my kindergarten Sunday school class 42 years ago. Now you all know exactly how old I am! LOL

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