Thursday, August 14, 2008

Zoo Again

Omaha usually has some sort of attraction to promote the city. We've had J. Does, which were painted and decorated sculptures like Chicago's cows. The most recent are the Big Os. Omaha is known as The Big O. The symbol is O! with an exclamation point. You spot them all over town. Whenever we see one Elijah wants a picture. Here's one at the zoo. It's in the dark aquatic museum so it's hard to see. It's tiger spotted with jungle netting over it. Don't ask me why that's in the ocean exhibit rather than the Desert Dome or Wild Kingdom, but there you have it.

Elijah took this photo of a seadragon in a tank. It's one one of my favorite things to watch swim.

It's the only inside building that is really hot, though, and I'm sure it's from all the warm water, but I'm always ready to leave.

I did not take this picture below. I found it online to show you just how amazing this creature is.


  1. Beautful pictures Cheryl. I didn't know about the "Big O". I'll have to watch for that our next trip home.

  2. Oh I have seen the leafy sea dragon in person! It is like a dream floating. No real adjective to describe something so surreal, so perfect.

    Great pix, Cheryl.

  3. Yes, Tanya! I can just stand and watch forever. It's so graceful and amazing.

    Elijah gets impatient and pulls me away to get to the shark and sea turtle tank.