Sunday, August 10, 2008

Worst Choices for Dancing With the Stars

I've been seeing a few "worst" lists. Like the top 20 worst songs ever. Achey Breaky Heart is on that list, and rightly so. Until a few years ago, that song was what people thought of when they heard the name "Cyrus." For that reason, Billy Ray should be thanking his superstar daughter every day. Billy Ray can also be added to the list of worst hairstyles ever. He put the ick in mullet. And pardon me, but his hair doesn't look any better now, parted in the middle and stringy. eww. He's a terrible actor, but is seen by millions on Hannah Montana. He's also a pretty bad and unexcitable tv host, but hosted Nashville Star. How does this guy get these jobs anyway? He even made Dancing With the Stars, but the judges put him out of America's Misery pretty fast.

So, just for fun, while we're waiting for them to announce this season's Dancing With the Stars celebrities, who would be the WORST celebrities they could put on this year?

Let's make a list.

Richard Nixon
Kelly Pickler would make me hurl.
Has William Shatner ever done it?
Ozzie Osbourne
Martha Stewart
Joan Rivers
Rosie O'Donnell
Howard Stern

Do you have any additions to the list?


  1. I'd like to see Chuck Norris on. I'll bet that guy can dance. Karate is kinda like dance, don't you think?

    Bad ideas? A very cruel topic, Cheryl and everyone I can think of to make fun of is probably thinner and better at dancing than ME, so I won't say anything. :)

  2. Mary, I'm sure there's a Chuck Norris joke in there somewhere, but it's just beyond my grasp. Something like "Chuck Norris doesn't just *think* he can dance..."

    The thought of Martha Stewart dancing makes me giggle. :-) More the thought of her in those outfits & makeup than the actual dancing, though.

  3. hi Cheryl, checking out your blog to see how to improve mine LOL.

    Ooooh, Mary, I had the hugest crush on Chuck in the 80's...

    Worst: Dick Cheney

    Best: Trace Adkins