Tuesday, August 05, 2008

on your mark, get set....

These women competed in a high heel race in Moscow's Red Square last month.

Hosted by the fashion magazine Glamour, the prize was a $4,000 shopping gift certificate. Many of the participants had spent over 2 hours preparing for the race to make sure they looked glamorous enough. The more savvy participants were busy taping their shoes to their feet. There is a height requirement of about 3 inches. A few runners fell down three seconds into the race (with no serious injuries besides hurt pride), and the grand prize was taken home by Svetlana Martinova, who won the race with a stiletto sprinting speed of 15 seconds.

Middle-class Russians spend about a quarter of their total income on clothes and shoes, says Reuters, and a new Nielsen study states that Muscovites spend an average of 3,000 rubles ($125) monthly on beauty products.

There is a US equivalent, though a little less glamorous and sponsored by Dr. Scholls. Here's a video for you:


  1. I saw this on TV news! Can't think of a better way to break my neck! I'm amazed they did so well ...

  2. I can't wear heels over 1" anymore. They just hurt my feet too much. I would have been one of those cut down in the first few steps!

  3. I can't wear heels at all so that would have been a good one. I am with Charlene I would have broke my neck. My youngest daughter can run in hers not sure how she does it.