Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This is just wrong

You know I have a comment every year. This time my reaction is...

People's "sexiest man alive" list began in 1985 with Mel Gibson. Others on the list: Clooney (1997 and 2006), Pitt (1995 and 2000), Denzel Washington (1996) and Johnny Depp (2003).

Matt Damon? Who voted?


  1. OK Cheryl, we finally disagree on something. I really enjoy Matt Damon. I watch the 'Bourne' movies and wish he would rescue me from some evil European organized crime syndicate. Naked.

    Just kidding.

    I do think he's sexy though.

  2. Jay watches the Bourne movies and I just don't get it. And the women they put him with....?

  3. I really like Matt Damon in the Bourne movies but don't think he's actually sexy.

  4. LOL...I was just having a similar conversation with someone else...he just doesn't do it for me.

  5. I investigated via google to refresh my memory. Interesting information-as many cameos and voices as good parts like Good Will Hunting. Watched first Bourne twice, not seen next 2. he has an engaging grin but I'm not convinced he's in the running with the ones you singled out, Cheryl. Will reserve judgement til I see him in something more romantic and less violent than Bourne and Dogma (viewed recently again.)

  6. Not his most flattering photo.

    I don't find Nicholas Cage sexy as a classic leading man type, but I found him appealing in at least 6 of his movies. Did you know we owe him a BIG, BIG THANK you for encouraging Johhny Depp to enter acting!! TY, TY, TY (per wikipedia)

    on the other hand, I think John Cusack looks ok, just don't care much for his movies. And Ben Stiller is a KILLER in my book; can't stand him! even though I have gritted my teeth thru movies in which he has starred or just appeared.

  7. I do like Nicolas Cage - but especially when he's the bad guy - Face Off. Oh yeah. Don't know why.