Friday, November 30, 2007

The Great Christmas Tree Tour 2007: WDMCuz

Here is our first tree! This is WDMCuz's tree. The she made the ornaments - they are beads over glass balls in intricate patterns and in different sizes. Cuz had knee surgery recently, and the down time really added to her tree.

It's a beauty, isn't it?


  1. Beautiful tree! It looks so color coordinated. I was hoping to decorate today but won't have the time. Maybe later in the week!

  2. Intricate and lovely; like the monochromatic effect; blue lights & orns was my theme for 2 years; parents had red for years.

    Our Methodist church has a Chrismon (yes, correct spelling) tree up front with large Christian shapes cut from white styrofoam and decorated with white & gold beads & all white lights. Gold & white Angel tree is in the rear of sanctuary and Memory tree near entrance; musical instruments tree at entrance to office; gingerbread & candy tree in fellowhip hall where we eat. Can't recall what's on tree in Education wing.