Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Winner #2

Did this early enough in the evening so that Elijah could help. He loves to draw names from the fish bowl.

And the second winner of an authentically autographed first edition (hey, it just keeps sounding better, doesn't it?) of The Lawman's Bride is...

Remember I originally titled this book THE LAWLESS MISS HOLLIS...?

Oh, yes, and we're going to do a discussion about Rain Shadowm per request, let's do that asap.

Oh, and the winner is....

meljprincess !!

Whoo hoo! Mel, girl, you rock!
Your copy will be winging its way toward your abode in no time. Enjoy!


  1. Cheryl-- I can't wait to discuss Rain Shadow-- loved it!!!

  2. I was anonymous was me-- OOPS sorry

  3. Congratulations, Mel! :-)

  4. Ohmygoodness! I actually shouted "YAY" really loud just now. Oh, Cheryl, I'm absolutely delighted! Thank you so much. You just made my day. And thanks for the congrats everybody. What a sweet thing to say, Brenda.
    Cheryl, please give Elijah a smooch and HUGE SMOOCHES AND HUGS FOR YOU!!
    PS. I'm going to do a feature about you in MySpace as soon as I can.

  5. Cool, Mel! Thanks! I didn't know it, but a friend in my chapter, Andrea, had Charlie's Angels featured on her My Space and I just happened across it. She loved that book.

  6. Congrats Mel!! Mel, I have shouted before too and received many odd looks from people..but they were worth it!

  7. Mel, congrats!! I whooped it up on my win so we've shared the thrill & exhiliration of Cheryl's generosity. Hope you read it in better health. Looking for the book review when you are finished!